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 Khristian [CLASSIFIED]

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PostSubject: Khristian [CLASSIFIED]   Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:47 am

Name: Khristian
Last Name [CLASSIFIED] (Has taken up the last name Taylor)
Physical Age: 33 (Real Age: 38)
Height: 6'
Weight: 185lbs
Hair Color: brown, curly
Eye Color: hazel
Clothes: Blue Jeans, light blue T-shirt, Grey Sweatjacket, Climbing harness under jacket and upper part of jeans, glasses with transition lenses. fingerless gloves (Knuckles have diamonds to increase punching power), black sneakers, white socks, underwear, brown leather belt.
Title: Il Mentore (The Mentor)
Alias: Ferryman.

Weapons: Mumeito (built by Khristian): Telescoping Tsurugi-style sword made from Umbrella Steel. (blade extends like an antenna from a hilt of a sword. also able to vibrate the cutting edges at a high oscillation ratio to cut through tougher materials.)

Crimson R3: The third revision of Khristian's preferred pistol, modeled after the Beretta 92FS Custom with an extended mag, compensator and using the .40 S&W caliber.

Azure R3: The third revision of Khristian's preferred SMG, a modified Beretta 93r, modeled after a PP-2000.

Dagger of Brutus: Originally used to kill Caius Julius Caesar, the dagger later found itself in the hands of Ezio Auditore, and then Khristian.

Two Hidden blades

Apple of Eden

Equipment: 2 grappling hook devices, custom built and secured to harness. Transciever, modified Cell phone, scanning system attachment to glasses, smoke bombs. Sling Pack

Abilities: Parkour, proficiency with swords, Gun Kata, and martial arts(Jeet Kune Do, Lucha Libre, Capoiera), technical knowledge, hacking ability, He is also able to craft simple bombs.

Eagle Sense (able to differentiate from friend and foe, see through illusions)

Handy sense: able to know when a member of the Handy family (usually Damian) is about to do something incredibly stupid.

Precursor's Legacy: due to possessing a high concentration of the First Civilization's genes, he has a great deal of control and resistance over the effects of thpieces of eden. He is also resistance to various supernatural effects, though direct offensive spells are still effective.

Kill Streak: A trait. In open conflict, successful kills van be chained, killins grunts in succession, Elite grunts and most player characters resist the insta kill and only take minor damage, while some player characters who are skilled enough in CQC can avoid damage altogether, either way, both resistances end the kill streak.

High Profile
Hook & Stomp: Grabs an opponent with the hookblade, throws them down, and stomps on their skull.
Forbidden Fruit: Brings out the Apple of Eden, and use its abilities to cause the targets' brain to implode. Can also be used on zombies to hotwire their brains and control them. Can only have four enthralled zombies at once.
Heads Will Roll: Khristian impales the Dagger of Brutus into the right shoulder (Facing) or left shoulder (From Behind) and uses Mumeito to decapitate his
Impaler Prince: Using Mumeito, Khristian thrusts the blade through the skull of his target, and then uses it as leverage to snap the victim's neck, leading to a quicker death.
Counter Kill: Counter's an a attack and instantly kills a weaker mook. Stronger ones or those more skilled in CQC than an average grunt wouldn't be killed, but would still take some damage on the way out of the attack.

Low Profile
Hidden Blade: thrust the Hidden Blade through the victim's chest or neck.
Neck Snap: Snap the victim's neck Silently.
Viper Strike: from a hiding spot, use the hook blade to draw the target in, then kill them with the hidden blade.
Old-Fashiomed:(a type of cocktail made by muddling dissolved sugar with bitters then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind. It is traditionally served in a.... Oh, you meant the ATTACK. Oops.) grabs the victim from behind and slits their throat with the Dagger of Brutus.
Double Take: A variation on the double assassination. Since he uses a hookblade, he can't pull off a standard double assassination. Instead, he used the Dagger of Brutus to either slit or stab the throat of the other person.
Story: Grandmaster Assassin, was experimented on by Umbrella 18 years ago, physically made at peak of human potential without useof any viruses.

Relationship Status: Married to Jessie Taylor for 5 years, took her last name.

Still under construction.

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Khristian [CLASSIFIED]
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