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 Morgan Asland

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PostSubject: Morgan Asland   Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:56 pm

Name: Morgan Asland

Physical Description-
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134 lbs
Species: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Redish brown, long.
Body: well endowed, shapely.
White dress shirt, an Orange Vest, Orange leather pants, black heeled shoes. Press card above her right thigh.

Nationality/hometown: American, Boston Massachusetts

Employment: Reporter
Trained In: self defense handgun training. Lock picking. Hot wiring.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: none
Allergies: None
Health Background:

-A reporter who has came to Tall Oaks for the President Speech with her news crew. She is known to sacrifice anything for her story. She has also covered wars too.

Weapons: Compact Glock with stainless steel slide (for self defense), stun blade (also for self defense).
Possessions: News equipment, handgun bullets, Handgun.

Personal Items: Press Badge

Melee Specials:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): Stun Blade: Stabs stun blade into the opponent, causing them be radiated with electricity which forces them to fall.
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): Pistol Whip: Will whip the opponent with her pistol.

-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Heel Stomp: Takes the sharp end of her heels and forces it down upon the opponent.
-Enemy on Knees (from front): Roundhouse: Performs a round house kick to the opponent's face.

-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Execution: Kicks the opponent onto their chest, where she will promptly level her weapon on their head before firing.

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Morgan Asland
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