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PostSubject: Hospital Lobby    Hospital Lobby  Icon_minitimeFri Mar 01, 2013 1:27 am

As Damian hobbles his way into the hospital he turns to the front desk, all the while his eyes focus on the blood stained leg he carried. Despite this, he tried his best not to drip and instead let the blood roll down and into his shoe. He grimaces at the wet feeling that was absorbing into his socks. He also hoped that the wound didn't need to be stitched; it would suck to get hurt when he wasn't officially on the job; he'd very much like to collect from worker's compensation if that was the case. He felt the leg again-the wound just beneath the knee...and he grimaces again, noticing he had a piece of the glass still embedded in his leg. "I think I'm gonna be sick..." he mutters, turning around the practically empty lobby. He found it strange this small town bustling with activity from the President's arrival, yet no accidents? Hell, he didn't even see anyone behind the counter. Since he didn't want to stick around, he looks at the signs on the walls, one of which read: 'Accident and Emergency' and with an arrow pointed him in the direction he needed to head in. He looks back, noticing the sign in sheet...and decides it best to forget that and simply head to where the signs stated to go. So he does, and hobbles his way without notice by even the Hospital Security Guards who were sitting behind the Security station, who were too wrapped up in their boredom to notice him pass by. He enters a few wings and finally finds himself standing in the Emergency and Accident station.

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Hospital Lobby
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