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 Floor Manager's Office

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PostSubject: Floor Manager's Office   Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:05 pm

Houki walked up to the rusted door frame and paused. There was a window with blinds on the other wall, and she could see the shape of a desk and perhaps a computer. She rattles the handle and the door didn't give. She looks back to the dead man Marx. She walks up to his corpse and checks his pockets, producing a small steel key. She walks back to the door and unlocks it, being careful not to disturb much in the room as she enters it. The room despite the rusty exterior was quite neat and organized. She spots a cabinet and heads to it, breaking open it's drawer-not purposefully it just came out too easily. Under the fallen metal drawer she notices a faded sticky note that had long since lost its sticky coating which read: "Be weary of the fourth drawer; It comes out easily"

The slightly irritated Houki tosses the paper aside and begins clearing out the files. She really didn't have the time to look at each file individually, so she just took the entire stack. She then comes across a ledger that slipped out of the stack that looked rather out of place. Intrigued, Houki picks up the thin leather booklet and cracks it open. After reading through it, she notices that it had cash figures of what was spent on revitalizing this facility. One of those among the list that caught her eye with alarm was the topic of 'state of the art security cameras'. She quickly takes the stack of files and heads back into the warehouse floor.

She notices that Khristian had long since left and she sighs a little. She still had some resentment within her to accept her 'noviceship' and to be honest she wouldn't even consider admitting it out loud to herself. She sighs again and thinks about the 'new master'. "He's definitely crazy. I really wonder why he was the only Master Assassin to let me in though....all the other brotherhoods passed me off to the next one. I really wonder..." she thinks briefly before setting the stack of files down upon the floor. She then looks around for any kind of security station.


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Floor Manager's Office
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