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 Security Station

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PostSubject: Security Station   Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:11 am

Houki checked the place high and low, and then when she entered another part of the factory she finally found the Security Booth. It was well hidden behind large stacks of stainless containers and crates, and she was able to enter without any trouble. The room looked much like the Floor Manager's office, with the only exception was that it was smaller and there were a row of monitors. Upon closer inspection of the more disorganized room, she found a closet with a gun rack inside it. Lining the wall were a pair of shotguns, modified Winchester 1200's she suspected. Next to that were a smaller gun rack for pistols, and she witnessed the three glock 19's and the Colt Revolver sticking out of their clamped positions-the but of each gun pointed at her so they would be easier to drawl. However, they were locked behind a bullet resistant door with a metal key hole and latch blocking her access. She sighs, closing the doors again and tossing away her find. She turns towards the consoles and approached them carefully. She could see that there was a playback tape still rolling, but regardless of her doubts that it was the only thing recording the entire ordeal in the warehouse she took the tape. Further more she pried open the CPU under the desk supporting the monitors and took out all the little microchips and even the hard drive it self, before walking out of the room.

She made her way back into the warehouse where she took the files and placed them in the bag that Khristian had given her. After slipping those in with the tape and the circuit boards and Hard Drive, she places the heavy pack onto her back and proceeds on to the safehouse. She was finished with this place for now, but was sure they would likely be back to figure out more of this 'Family's' secrets.


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Security Station
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