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 Southside Street

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Kiyomi Yuri
Kiyomi Yuri

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PostSubject: Southside Street   Southside Street Icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2013 4:46 pm

"Ambiguity...A vast field of nothing but endless blank faces; each as vanilla as the last. I don't really take note of the crowds that pass by me...I simply....just continue my way downtown...heading to Main Street. I have been empty for the longest time, I've almost grown used to the feeling of being alone. The rain had long since stop falling, but my body is drenched to the bone...I don't care. I sister's killer is still alive. I do not feel the pain of my own ailments...the only pain I feel is my vengeance curling into a knot just above my gut. A painful that won't be released till I see the man responsible die by my cold, damp hands...Then...and only then shall I feel a sentiment called 'free' again." Yuri thought as she continues her way down the street her hands in the deep pockets of her trench coat.

She had moved to Paradise City to follow up on an unrelated case. A lead of some bureaucrat that needed killing. Turned out he was just some small time business man. Still money was money, and she killed him with her blade-his head had folded over each of his shoulders when she had left him in his office, she had also decapitated his secretary who came out of the bathroom at the wrong time.

"Total number of deaths today: Five Security Personnel, one Secretary, and one Bureaucrat Businessman...and one Kiyomi Yuri...yeah...I guess I died a little tonight. I could have been a tad more cleaner in my methods...but I needed release." she told herself, closing her eyes as she crossed over to the next street.

"I don't know how long I should be staying here...I doubt there be any leads to my sister's killer here." she says softly to herself, reopening her eyes and observing the vanilla crowd again.

Southside Street Kiyomi10
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Southside Street
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