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 Samuel Falx

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Samuel Falx
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PostSubject: Samuel Falx   Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:44 pm

Name: Samuel Falx
Nick Name: Falx

Physical Description-
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown, loose, parted down the middle, long on the top (down to his ears) and short on the sides.
Body: Slender but very cut.
Clothes: Lab Coat, pleated plants, dress shoes, blue button down shirt and tie. However, always sports a kevlar utility vest, supplies with serums, viruses, health sprays, herbs, and tablets.

Background- A brilliants scientist who has worked for both Umbrella and Everon, sometimes at the same time. He is a sharer of secrets, but keeps the most pertinent discoveries to himself. He's helped build some of the darkest and most powerful BOWS in existence, and secretly took part in making Wesker who he was.
Nationality/hometown: Philadelphia, USA
Alliance: Depends on what's in it for him.

Employment: Scientist, Everon.
Rank: Head of BOW Research
Trained In: Master in Biological and Medical knowledge of BOW associated viruses. Has some martial arts and weapons training, mostly picked up due to situational events that required him to act accordingly, whether he knew how or not.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: All viral anti-bodies.
Allergies: None
Health Background: Medical background is unknown, and transformation into a BOW and back seems to heal any and all previous wounds/conditions, however effects of the mind are still under testing.


Being a genius in genetics, pathology, and virology, Samuel Falx was quickly employed by Umbrella after college and helped, however hesitantly, develop the original T-Virus, as well as it's antibody. He subsequently went on to develop all the other viruses and antibodies for the company, and became a liaison for Everon, sharing information. Before he knew it, he was a mole. Curiosity also got the best of the young man and wondered if he could do more than create antibodies, but serums that could not save just save someone who had been infected, but transform someone back to a human after the virus had truly taken over. He's the only person able to have successfully done this, however, his trials were only on himself, and he's shared the knowledge with no one. After becoming several different BOWS and then returning back to his human form, primal urges he didn't realize he had have begun to take over, and he actually enjoys the power behind becoming a BOW. Where his alliance lies always depends upon what is in it for him. He is highly sought after, since he is able to save those who are ordinarily past saving, and could actually save the planet...if his mental state weren't so altered.

Weapons: 9mm handgun, shotgun, machete.

Possessions: A large supply of serums, antibodies, and viruses, many of which are hidden. Various codes, keycards, and top secret information.

Personal Items: Unknown

Misc.- While able to transform into any BOW, he seems to enjoy most the ones that are able to devour humans whole. It gives him a sense of raw power unlike anything he's ever experienced.
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Samuel Falx
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