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 Rita Janson

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Rita Janson
Rita Janson

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PostSubject: Rita Janson   Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:16 pm

Name: Rita Janson

Physical Description-
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6.5''
Weight: 125 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Grey-blue.
Hair: brunette
Body: Athletic, well endowed (36 D cup), and perfect reflexes.

-BSAA Uniform (Beret): A standard heavy armored BSAA uniform without a helmet. Instead a beret.

-BSAA Uniform (Full Armored): The standard BSAA armor with helmet and balaclava.

-BSAA Casual: A tank, camo pants, fingerless gloves, BSAA Beret, combat boots.

Nationality/hometown: American, Ithteca City Ny.

Former Employment: R.P.D., S.T.A.R.S. Cadet, Special Operations
Current Employment: B.S.A.A.
Rank: Captain
Trained In: pilots license, Superior hand to hand combat, CQC, CQB, Tactical & Covert Weapons Expert, demolitions expert.

Relationship Status: Single; divorced.
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:
Once infected: Was once infected with a strange variation of the G-Virus. Unlike Sherry Birkin, she didn't receive any side effects.


After surviving Raccoon City, Rita had found out about Umbrella through a unanimous source, and discovered the truth without risking her safety. She joined the same special response team as Damian lead by Barry Burton. She was present during the Raccoon City and Mayland Outbreaks. She was a former S.T.A.R.S. Cadet, and a S.W.A.T. Captain. After the event that had occurred in 2000, Rita had gone off on her own and joined the B.S.A.A. once it was formed. Since then she's been married...twice...and still bears no child. Not a woman who likes to be 'tied down', she has since given up on the concept of life partnership. With that attitude, she eventually rose to the rank of Captain of team Foxtrot in the North American Branch of the B.S.A.A.

Currently Stationed in Edonia, where she awaits orders from HQ.

Weapons: Assault Rifle for Special Tactics, 909 handgun, Desert Eagle with laser sight scope, M66 (scatter) Rocket Launcher, Pile Driver Launcher, Carbon steel Combat Knife, red smoke grenade.

Possessions: Ammo, backup radio, a few medical supplies, a radio, backup radio, live video feed, goggles, helmet, balaclava.

Personal Items: Romantic Letter


Current Costume: BSAA Armor Captain Beret
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Rita Janson
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