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 Michiko Takiyama

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Michiko Takiyama
Michiko Takiyama

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PostSubject: Michiko Takiyama   Wed May 01, 2013 10:35 pm

Name: Michiko Takiyama

Physical Description-
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9''
Weight: unknown
Species: Human
Eyes: blue
Hair: short brown hair
Body: tall, slim and flexible.
A white labcoat, a green dress shirt that is buttoned down exposing her bust and her belly button with her sleeves gathered to her elbows. Two strings of beads run across the width of her breasts, (not leaving much to the imagination of what is under the green dress shirt). An olivedrab miniskirt, black thong, long nylon stockings, white and black heels. Glasses and earrings.

Nationality/hometown: Asian, Tokyo Japan.

Employment: Neo-Umbrella Scientist, Programmer
Rank: Unknown
Trained In: Unknown.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: Unknown
Allergies: None
Health Background: unknown.

A mysterious woman who works for the terrorist group known as 'Neo-Umbrella'. Graduating from both Tokyo University and Harvard University, the woman is a specialist in her field of programming. She has knowledge in linear particles and in bio engineering. She at one point was a scientist working for a paramilitary mercenary unit for a short while before being placed into the employ in the lucrative world of 'Neo-Umbrella'.

She is currently stationed in the Tall Oaks lab, but her work takes her all over the globe due to her skills. She is known for doing "special favors" in order to remain in her current status.

Weapons: .44 Smith and Wesson snub nose.

Possessions: test tubes, a handful of bullets.

Personal Items: Restricted Access Identification Card

Coup De Grace:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face):

-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind):
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest):

-Enemy on Knees (from front):

-Enemy on Knees (from behind):

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Michiko Takiyama
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