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 Joanna Malone

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PostSubject: Joanna Malone   Wed May 22, 2013 9:48 pm

Name:Jessica Belmont

Physical Description-
Weight:125 lbs
Hair:Red and usually in a pony tail
Body:Tall, slim, athletic build. She has a large angel tatoo on her back.
Clothes:Jeans, tough tactical top with some latex. Makes her last a bit longer in a hungry belly ~.^

One of many Malone clones used by the US Marshals after the zombie outbreak. She is used to explore the
most dangerously infected areas to uncover the conspiracy behind the creation of the outbreak virus. Each clone has
a perfect memory of how the last clone, all they way up to the moment of death. That means each clone learns from
the previous, but it also leaves deep emotional scars as she can remember each of her deaths.

Weapons:Advanced energy pistol

She is also trained in hand to hand combat.

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Joanna Malone
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