The third Resident Evil based RPG forum in the series of RECB. Now on a new forum. Takes place during the events of RE6.
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 RECB: GAIDEN Promotional 1

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Catherine Miller
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Catherine Miller

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PostSubject: RECB: GAIDEN Promotional 1   RECB: GAIDEN Promotional 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 9:53 am

Hey guys! Its DRAKE again, (or simply Cat to most of you Razz) I'm here to provide you guys some new info on RECB: GAIDEN and want to show you all a somewhat accurate flyer to depict what is to be expected on this mini-site.

But before that, Ill give you some details ^^

The site takes place in 2005, (in MGS terms, Shadow Moses Incident has already ended), which is five years after RECB2, seven years after RECB1/Reident Evil 2 & 3. The story more or less follow my character DRAKE and our admin's Damian Handy travel to the small island town of 'New Haven' Maine. My character was more or less hired by the then governing head of world Biohazard affairs, the FBC (Federal Biohazard Commission), to investigate the rumors of their being a 'black market sale in Bio Organic Weapons' and report back the findings. I am paired up with Damian, (who last I can recall has other reasons why he must accompany me; more on the lines of 'being forced or endure federal prison') who accompanies me to Maine where we find that there are far more dangerous events brewing under the cold waters of this foggy little island.

RECB: GAIDEN Promotional 1 WelcometoNewHaven2

(Click Spoiler for the full sized version of the above photo! ^_^)

So yes, there will be plenty of dangers to be sure of in store, and there is a shop and point system in place that can allow you to customize your character and outfit him or her or it (yes, even B.O.W.s have some things they can buy with the site money Wink) with what the shop has to offer!

If you like more info, contact Damian or my lovely self Wink on here or post comments, etc down below Smile I will likely add more Promotional stuff later on (hence the title being RECB: Gaiden Promotional 1). So, please do enjoy the pic I made using XNALara and Photoshop Smile

-Cat :3 DRAKE/Catherine Mill
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RECB: GAIDEN Promotional 1
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