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 Ground Floor Main Foyer

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Ground Floor Main Foyer Empty
PostSubject: Ground Floor Main Foyer   Ground Floor Main Foyer Icon_minitimeThu Jun 27, 2013 1:56 am

The ancient looking doubled doors slid open, and out came Catherine who still was in her bikini. She made a left turn, and then turned towards a table that was built into the wall. This table had a round light at its center, and above it, and rotating, was a digital cube. Cat slips her finger through the bluish light and taps the cube which responds by separating into six different squares, each would normally have a list of appointments or would give her notice of any missed calls or any similar message. It would also light up red if there was a security breach at any time this evening. Despite Ed's random appearance, the modules didn't seem to have taken notice of his arrival if he had been here. She leaves the panel for now, since there was nothing new to report. She decided it was about time she headed to her room. She takes the stairs to her right, ascending them at a rapid but casual pace before reaching the top. She takes a left, and then at the end of the hall facing away from her room, she takes a door to her left which lead to the bathroom.
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Ground Floor Main Foyer
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