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 Jack "The Black Spade" Taylor

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Jack 'T.B.S' Taylor
Jack 'T.B.S' Taylor

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PostSubject: Jack "The Black Spade" Taylor   Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:55 am

Name: Jack Taylor
Nick Name: The Black Spade

Physical Description-
Age: ??
Sex: Male
Species: B.O.W. based Human
Eyes: blue
Hair: Brown, parted hair; a little unkempt; stubble
Body: Average build, a little athletic
His brown leather trench coat with a shortened tail length, brown knit gloves, woodland camouflage from the late 80's fatigues, brown leather worn out boots, a black long sleeved shirt, and a holster on his right thigh.

Nationality/hometown: Unknown, Irish-American

Former Employment: Umbrella Assassin/Mercenary, Leader of the Four Ace Siblings
Current Employment: Mercenary and Head of the Royal Flush-the Neo-Ace Siblings
Rank: The Black Spade
Trained In: gun smithing, pilots license, hand to hand combat, Superior Handgun Marksman, Tactical Weapons expert, explosives expert.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: 8 herbal medicinal tablets
Allergies: none
Health Background:
Host of the Pure S-Virus Strain and Symbiotic Parasite of Dr. James Ferral's and Dr. Ricardo Sanchez's creation.
Has been shot, stabbed, beaten, poisoned, hacked and slashed thousands of times; has broken every one of his bones in his body an undetermined number of times; has had his neck snapped a few times (will kill you if you break his neck-he doesn't like it when you do that). Has a scar on the left side of his cheek which he keeps to remember his brother Raymond.
Two big weaknesses he has are bright lights (flash grenades) and fire. If he's inside a fire stream for too long, the symbiotic parasite within him will burst and will leave him powerless for three real life days till it can revive itself.


A former Umbrella Hound, he is the son of one of the most legendary Mercenaries in the Underground, Tristan "The Mad Jackal" Taylor. He was raised with his three other siblings: Raymond, Robert, and Carrie as child soldiers, fighting along side their father till his untimely demise. Jack, along with his other siblings, were then placed under the guardianship of Tristan's oldest friend and Umbrella Scientist James Ferral. James took the four and placed them into an Umbrella sponsored Mercenary program; outfitting the four with unique energy boosting stimulants that would be the precursor to the S-Virus. The then 16 year old Jack was given leadership role of this group, and his other three siblings would provide support as they were thrown into the deep jungles of the Congo for a month, forced to live off the land and fend for themselves. In the Bijoux, the area where the four were dropped off; they had to fight a legion of Mercenaries that lay in wait for them in the Jungles, and had to push their way to the Umbrella Compound within the month period.

There were 500 trained specialist Mercenaries, and of that 500, 338 of them were either missing or killed by the Four siblings, dubbed by the survivors as the 'Four Ace Siblings' due to their codenames of Spade, Club, Heart, and Diamond. It wasn't till the four reached the compound on the final day of the test that each one of them were shot and killed. Only Jack was able to actually breach the compound fighting; on his belly after being crippled by a bullet to the spine. He drops half dead before the feet of James Ferral.

When Jack awakens, he finds himself in a capsule; able to walk freely and reunited with his three siblings; each of them alive again. At the time, Jack had no idea that Raymond, who's genes were superior to the other three siblings, had worked against the group; faking his own death to lure the group into the enclosure to be massacred by Ferral's Henchmen. However, no one, including Ferral himself had thought Jack and the others would get so far. And to reward them, he had implanted the very first symbiotic parasite that would be able to handle the 'S-virus', a black project concocted by James Issac Ferral and Ricardo Sanchez. It was listed to other head wigs that it was a genetic break through, placed in civilian scientists hands as the next big miracle drug. The S-virus, called the PureCell Vaccine in the civilian departments, was able to regrow any and all organic tissue including brain and bone cells. Paired with a Symbiotic Parasite designed by Dr. Ferral to be able to replicate parts of the human body when injected with the S-virus.

Jack, Raymond, Robert, and Carrie were the first tested with the new virus; their bodies besides Raymonds were operated on by Edgar Holden, a scientist who was working under James Ferral and had respected the doctors wishes and orders. Sanchez had plans to sell the S-Virus under Umbrella's nose, trying to sell it off to the highest bidder as a Miracle Cure-but was caught and killed by Ferral himself. Edgar was present at the scene, shot-but wasn't dead yet. Ed was almost able to escape the compound, but was caught by Project 5, a fifth individual who was injected like the Four Ace Siblings. The man was a tough opponent, but was able to capture and mortally wound the strangely capable fighter that was Edgar Holden. Jack witnessed as the nearly dead man was operated on by James Ferral.

However...Project 5 suffered severe trauma from the fight with Edgar-causing him to be completely unstable to the point where he had to be silenced by Jack and his team. After that fiasco, Ozwell E. Spencer ordered the S-Virus Plan to be shutdown and stricken from the books as a failure, and caused the credibility of Ferral's to be waned at a best. Though most of his projects were terminated due to Ferral's enraged failure, Spencer found a use in the four Ace Siblings.

Since 1982, the Four Ace Siblings had worked for Umbrella as Assassins and Special Agents working directly under Spencer's demands. At the time, Umbrella Steel was invented, and under orders of the Four Ace Siblings four indestructible and notoriously sharp knives were created for each of them; each engraved with a Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond; with four titles given to each of the blades: Immortal, Saint, Shepard, and Noble (Immortal's Spade, Saint's Heart, Shepard's Club, and Noble's Diamond). Thus their trade mark was born.

In 1996, Jack was sent on a solo mission to Raccoon City. The mission involved him to locate and eliminate 8 enemy spies posing as Umbrella workers. He was partnered up with Albert Wesker, the newly appointed Captain of the newly formed S.T.A.R.S. team; a paramilitary unit of the R.P.D. Wesker would provide him with information via a Codec device while Jack snooped around to locate the 8 suspected spies. Jack ended up murdering one in his home, only to be spotted by a police detective, Rita Highsworth. As a cover, Jack had pretended to be an art dealer, however found Rita Highsworth knocking at his door. He proves his innocence to the crime stating he was at an art gallery the night of the murder but she doesn't truly buy his story. Thanks to some connections in the RPD, Umbrella is able to produce a security tape of him being at the gallery at the time of the murder. However, Jack begins to flirt with the woman-finding some strange attraction to her after she nearly exposed him and Umbrella. He begins to date her, and when the head wigs of Umbrella found out about this trivial information, Wesker contacts Jack about his loyalties to Umbrella. Jack is ordered to head to Blackfield Manor to be evaluated by Umbrella's Senior Staff; a chip implanted at the back of his head forces him to abide or he'll be terminated. What he doesn't know, is that he is fallowed by the curious Rita. Rita tails Jack to the abandoned mansion without resistance. After entering the moldy corridors she enters the restricted area where she is apprehended by two Umbrella Security Service agents.

Jack enters the chamber where Spencer and the others stand before him in judgement. They ask him how his mission progresses, in response Jack says he only needs to find the final spy. It is then, that Spencer brings forth Rita, and tells Jack she is the final spy and dispose of her. Jack is conflicted between his love and his duty and is unable to act at all, tossing his VP70 aside. He accepts his death in exchange for her life, but Spencer, tired of the entire affair ends it himself by taking Jack's gun and firing three rounds point blank into Rita's chest. He then hands the gun over to Jack, saying "Job well done, your mission is complete here" before walking away. Rita's body is taken away by men in black, disposing the barely conscious beauty in a pit with the latest Gamma Specimen where she is swallowed alive before Jack's eyes purposefully.

It is later revealed to Jack by the aging James Ferral that the 7 individuals he was supposed to kill had not been spies, rather "loose ends" needing to be taken care of. Jack, enraged begins to plot his revenge, with his siblings at his side. Jack and the other Ace's were as important to Umbrella as Wesker was to Spencer; so they were being heavily watched night and day. Some point in '98, around the time Wesker had lead his S.T.A.R.S. team into the mansion; Jack and his siblings had arrived on Rockfort Island to attend a meeting with the Ashford's in Spencer's stead. It was there, that Jack caught the eyes of one of the newly appointed U.S.S. Soldiers, VIPER. The central-heterochromia brown eyed girl was intriguing, and Jack could see her fighting spirit behind those rookie eyes.

Jack was the last to leave the Island, stepping outside his rooms balcony he could see something floating in the ocean. Intrigued, Jack gets aboard a boat and drives it out to meet the floating object. On closer inspection it was the woman codenamed VIPER; worn out but still breathing. He promises her a new life, in exchange she'll have to help him take Umbrella down. She agrees, and would later be known by the codename of 'DRAKE'.

Appearance in RECB1

In September of that year, Jack is again sent to Raccoon City with his Siblings; this time to place the city on lockdown and keep any of the civilians from getting out at any cost. The City in which Jack had admired was now a hell on earth. Tired of Spencer and his games, he pulls a fast one on Umbrella, and openly admits to his defection. Spencer tries to kill the group with the chips imbedded on their necks, but the devices had already been removed by Umbrella Scientist James Ferral. Despite this 'kind act', Jack is suspicious of his Guardian, and orders DRAKE as the personality 'Leone Rovazzini', the CEO of Everon Industries to collect any and all research data James was in the process of working on.

While DRAKE did her thing, Jack continues to work against Umbrella, killing it's operatives and disrupting Umbrella's Activities. However, he did not expect his own to turn on him. His brother Raymond, still loyal to Umbrella kills Robert, his own twin brother, to get Jack's attention. An enraged Jack fights Raymond, from guns to their trade mark knives-both fighting with such passion that their blades, had heated to such a point that they chipped-flying off and scarring the other's face: Jack and his left cheek, and Raymond and his right cheek and eye. Eventually, Jack is able to defeat Raymond; leaving him for dead as the zoo they were fighting in is blown away by a mysterious force emanating from Edgar Holden's mutated B.O.W. form.

James, who was thought to have been killed by Edgar, returns as a blob like form-admitting to Jack that he has absorbed his young sister and she is now a part of him-and that he wishes Jack to join her! In this final battle, with the clock to destruction running down quickly; Jack and the others whom he helped escape the city fight the mutated Ferral in the only accessible escape route: The Four Ace Gate. The Gate was implemented in secret by George Trevor, commissioned by James Ferral some point before George's untimely demise. The gate required each of the Sibling's knives and key's they had on them to unlock the gate.

Jack tears off his own arms, transforming them into massive claws with the aid of his S-virus injected parasite and tears Ferral apart. He reclaims Saint's Heart in tact, and activates the gate while Edgar, back to his senses, finishes Ferral off. Jack aids many survivors out of the city, but pulls his blade out in to close the doors. He tells those he rescued that he is going to remain in the city...having never seen an atomic weapon up close before. He wishes the survivors luck and the doors close. He fights off with just his knife, a near endless horde of Hunters that storm the gate, smiling as the missile explodes overhead.

Appearance in RECB2

Jack turns out to have survived the explosion 2 years prior, the same with James Ferral and Edgar Holden. Jack, as Leone Rovazzini, is the CEO of Everon Industries; a company that works against Umbrella, HCF and the early Tri-Cell companies. DRAKE is still employed by Jack, and together they steal from the black market Umbrella dealings and B.O.W. Research Facilities. Jack again meets with his brother Raymond, who had a supernatural way of escaping Raccoon before he was supposedly destroyed by Edgar. Raymond later in their multiple confrontations, admits that Jessie Taylor is not only a blood relative of the Taylor family, but a carrier of the Taylor's particular blood it self; she was Jack's niece, Raymond's own daughter.

After their final battle, Raymond disappears; having been killed unbeknownst to Jack at the time by Albert Wesker himself. Jack helps the precursor of the BSAA gather info on Umbrella installations to help them be permanently shut down for good.

After the fact...
Everon Industries is disbanded at some point in 2004, each of the workers and soldiers working in the company get a hefty share of it's profits. Jack, for the most part is never heard or seen again. Jessie only receives a couple thousand dollars every month for the next five years. In 2009, Jack was spotted in Kijuju Africa; seen headed towards Africa's South West Coast, towards the Congo...

In 2013, a man of an unkempt resemblance appears in Edonia as a mercenary working against BSAA forces...or is he really?

-Sidewinders: His trademark .45LC revolvers. Secondary function allows for both to be used simultaneously. (lol)
-Immortal Spade: The Ace Sibling blade that can cut through 6 inches of steel or more. It's Jack's standard CQC weapon he uses along with his CQB techniques.
-RPK: A Russian made Heavy Machine Gun. He can wield it like an assault rifle due to his B.O.W. strength.
-Wingshooter Longslide: Jack's former 9mm handgun he'd thought he'd never use again...

Personal Items: Immortal Spade (Four Ace Siblings Umbrella Steel combat knife)

Melee Specials:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face)::
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): :
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): :
-Enemy on Knees (from front): :
-Enemy on Knees (from behind): :


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Jack "The Black Spade" Taylor
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