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 Underground Armory

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Catherine Miller
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Catherine Miller

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PostSubject: Underground Armory   Underground Armory Icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 4:34 pm

She ignored the message as the elevator continued to descend. Once it stopped she forces the doors open herself, and headed east. In this corner of the garage stood a security door. She inputs her birthday, the only code, to allow herself in. By standard, it was the best code to date, since, only she and her father and mother knew the exact date Catherine Cécile Miller was born as she never had a 'real' birth certificate. The heavy doors are released of their lock and slide left to right due to hidden pulleys in the wall. Inside, the compound was as large as her ground floor above. APC's and ACAV's lined this area of the garage. Over to the far right corner were the aircraft wing, where she had military grade aircraft such as a few Blackhawks, a few Hind-type D's, an Apache and even an A10 and a Harrier F-35C Lightning II.

She however kept her direction north, and she unlocks a room which held two gunstores worth of weapon displays. On these displays, were only the weapons that her unit were comfortable with, a standard armory if you will. Lining walls and set motionless upon metal racks were her units variation of an automatic-battle rifle. This weapon was in design, the FAMAS assault rifle of the French Army. Actually...90% of the FAMAS Type-C (which she dubbed them) were taken from the French Foreign Legion about a year ago when they decided to switch their primary rifle in favor of the AUG. The reasons why hers were different was the fact that she had each customized with the ability to turn from full-auto to burst firing, to semi auto if necessary. Each of the standard 25 round mags were replaced with 30 and 35 round magazines and taking some elements from the FOXHOUND FAMAS, she made sure that the facility had its stock of 5.56mm tracers. The gun had a built in flashlight and laser aiming module and an adjustable bipod. The stock's length was reduced to a Carbine's, and some models here on the island could be equipped with a specially modified m203 grenade launcher. It was the powerhouse of her mercenaries, but that wasn't just the only weapon here.

Another standard piece of equipment was the SAKO TRG-42. A highly accurate bolt-action rifle that fired .300 Winchester Magnum, or the more powerful .338 Lapua Magnum. Magazine size ranged from five, seven or ten round detachable box magazines. Each had a removable Bi-pod as well to help increase the level of accuracy the weapon would have.

The pistol that was often used on this island, was the .45ACP USP, but they also had their own tranq pistol dubbed the T77 DRAGON.

She also had a buttload of standard weapons that she and her team used back when working for Everon which were modified G36C's (called G36K's for 'Kendo'), MP5A5's, and Berretta 92F's and Glock 19's, as well as a few of the Benelli M4's she still had laying about. She however only took a FAMASC and a handful of magazines before strapping the weapon over her shoulder. She also took out her trusty combat knife and three handgrenades and a flash grenade before leaving the room. When she left the room she got herself into a Humvee and drove out of the armory, the doors closing behind her as she exits and leaves the garage. Again, back into the jungle of her island.
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PostSubject: Re: Underground Armory   Underground Armory Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2014 6:37 am

Edgar pressed a communication relay to Catherine Miller on shore. "Cat, somehow the enemy has disrupted my counterattack. Enemy telepathic interference detected... I am about to transform... I know I agreed not to use it, but the situation is extreme, if you are going to tell me to stop, do it now..."

Underground Armory Edgarh10

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Underground Armory
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