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 Owen Clark

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Owen Clark

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PostSubject: Owen Clark   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:18 am

Name: Owen Clark

Physical Description-
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 158 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Right eye blue, left eye brown
Hair: Brown, but greying
Body: Average build
Current Outfit: A brown jacket, dress shirt, tie, cargo pants, boots. Shoulder Holster.

Nationality/hometown: American, unknown.

Former Employment: Umbrella Oversight Committee Representative
Current Employment: Security Adviser and Negotiator

Trained In: lock picking, pilots license, hand to hand combat, Superior Handgun Marksman, Tactical Weapons expert, explosives expert.

Relationship Status: Unknown
Medications: none
Allergies: none
Health Background:
Nothing worthy to note.

A former Umbrella Representative and go between man who oversaw the operations carried out by umbrella agents in the field. This meant he provided intel and relayed mission data to said agents from Umbrella HQ in Europe. His most famous involvement was his work with the Four Ace Siblings during the Raccoon City Outbreak. He was the one responsible to 'watch over' the activities of the four Umbrella Operatives, but with Raccoon's Destruction (and their evident deaths) he was not held responsible for any of their misdeeds during the affair.

He visited Raccoon after its destruction, and personally recovered four of the Four Ace Sibling's knives which had survived do to their Umbrella Steel Construction.

He left the company long before it became bankrupt, and instead placed his negotiation skills to a freelance style. He also provides Security Assessment for several agencies and has since became synonymous with the term: "Mercenary Negotiator".  

Weapons: STI Eagle 6.0, L85A1, 3 Flash Bangs.
Possessions: 9mm ammo, 5.56x45mm ammo

Personal Items: I.D.
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Owen Clark
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