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 Owen's introduction

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Owen Clark

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PostSubject: Owen's introduction   Owen's introduction Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 1:17 pm

Owen Clark steps out from the helicopter in the ruins of Raccoon City. He is 27, and in a white hazmat suit that protects him from both radiation, and possible viral contamination. He is joined by an army of similarly dressed individuals, mostly scientists and security staff (who carry custom M4A1s or MP5s). Owen himself was a representative sent from Umbrella, and he was searching through the rubble for the remains of the unit he was responsible for...

He tags along side the head researcher. "Found any sign of them yet?" He asked the Researcher.

"We just found the fourth blade sir. I'm surprised it could survive the tremendous power of the nuclear blast." the other man replied back. Owen simply nodded and followed the researcher a short walk away where a large combat style knife jutted out from a piece of rubble. Upon its clean face he could clearly see the engraving of a Spade. He smiled, hunkered down beside it.

He grinned darkly in the shade of his hazmat. "So...what about the fifth?" he asked the Researcher.

The scientist, puzzled, looks at him as if he misheard him. "Pardon?"

Owen glances up and chuckles from behind the protective covering. "The fifth blade." he says again.

The researcher blinks before stating: "But Sir...there's only four....each one to represent the Four Ace Siblings-" thats when Owen cut him off with a loud chuckle. "-what's so funny Sir?" the man asked between bursts of laughter.

Owen calmed down and stood up, pulling the blade from the stone it was set into. Looking at the blade, he begins to turn it around and inspects it. "How much do you know about playing cards?"

The other man shrugged a little. " to see the point, Sir..."

Owen turns to the Researcher, his gloved fingers tracing the lines of the Spade in the knife. "Triston Taylor's little see, there's always a pair of Joker's in a new deck of Cards...The wild card." he says ominously.

The Researcher, completely puzzled is about to speak when Owen answers for him:

"There's still a wildcard missing...There is still a Sibling left unaccounted for."

By the end of that day, all four knives were confiscated by Umbrella, and were transfered to Europe as evidence...the fifth blade and it's Sibling have yet to be found.
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Owen's introduction
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