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 Ben Winters

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Ben Winters
Robert Kendo
Ben Winters

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PostSubject: Ben Winters   Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:01 pm

Name: Ben Winters
Nick Name: Sergeant

Physical Description
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 150 Ibs
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short  
Body: Athletic Build, Slim and Toned
Current Outfit: A black suit, Dark red shirt, Black leather shoes  

Nationality: British
Hometown: England United Kingdom, Formerly Raccoon City

Former employment: R.P.D. S.W.A.T. Sergeant (1998), DHS (Anti-Umbrella division 2002-2004), BSAA Operative (end of 2006-2012)  
Current Employment: Private Investigator (sometimes works alongside the B.S.A.A's Investigation unit)

Trained in: Hand to Hand Combat/CQC and other forms of Martial Arts, Excellent Handgun Marksman, Tactical Weapons Expert, Average Sniping skills, Excellent Free Running, Good Sword Fighting skills, Expert Locking Picking Skills, Average Computer Hacking

Relationship Status: Single
Health Background: 2 Scars one on his back and the other on his chest, Suffers from nightmares of Raccoon City


A survivor of Raccoon City believes himself to be the only R.P.D S.W.A.T Officer to escape alive, A Female Government Agent by the name of Jennifer Sheh was the one who aided Ben in escaping Raccoon City after she received a radio transmission from him. After the Raccoon City Incident Ben returned to England and stayed in an abandoned house long forgotten technically only he knew of its existence and found it a perfect place to lay low and hide from umbrellas hit men. In 2002 he was put in charge of the newly formed DHS Anti Umbrella Division due to his knowledge of B.O.W.S in 2004 he decided to stand down from his “Leadership Role” in the Anti-Umbrella unit after a mission where he lost his close friend and possible lover Rachel, he holds himself responsible for her death after standing down he left the DHS and joined the BSAA and threw himself into every possible mission he could until 2012 when Captain Chris Redfield decided to discharge him from the BSAA in order to allow him to “cool down” his words to Ben following his decision:
“You are an outstanding soldier yet I can’t have you charging into every available mission and putting your own life at risk take some time to cool down and regain your senses” (This choice most likely saved Ben's life as it prevented him from taking part in the Edonian Civil War where he most likely would have met his end.)

The Captains words hit Ben deep and he realized that the Captain was right, after this Ben became a Private Investigator working alongside the BSAA Investigation Unit.
In 2013 Ben heard rumors that President Benford was going to make a speech about the Raccoon City Incident at Tall Oaks University realizing that this may be his only chance to put the past behind him and forget the horrors that have plagued him since 1998 he packs his bags and drives to Tall Oaks without hesitation.
The only thing he is unaware of at this moment is that Tall Oaks will in fact become the next Raccoon City and he will once again be dragged into the world of Survival Horror.

Weapons: Ben’s Beretta Elite II, Ben's Custom Samurai Edge, Ben's Combat Knife
Also has a few weapons in the trunk of his car such as his own XM8, a VP70 and a sword he hasn't used since the New Haven Incident (He was mostly behind the scenes helping Damian and DRAKE aka Catherine Miller from the shadows or afar but occasionally showed himself from time to time but his true identity was hidden)

Possessions: Six 9mm Handgun Mags, 2 Flash bang Grenades, 10 Green Herbal Tablets

Personal Items: An Old Photo of Ben and Rachel, a 10 piece lock pick set and a lighter from his Grandfather

Melee Specials:
- Enemy standing, stunned (Face to Face): Deadly Back Fist: Performs a spinning back fist with his knife and drives it into the side of the enemy’s head.
- Enemy standing, stunned (from behind): Collapsing Neck Break: Kicks the enemy in the back of the legs causing them to fall to their knees and then snaps their neck.
- Enemy fallen (on back or chest) On Back: Ground n Pound: Climbs on top of the enemy and proceeds to bash their skull in with his fists. On Chest: Deadly Slash: Grabs the enemy’s head and lifts it then slices the enemy’s throat and leaves them to drowned in their own blood(must be performed twice in order to decapitate a Zombie)
- Enemy on Knees (from Front): Roundhouse Kick: Performs a round house kick to the side of the head causing the enemy to fall to the floor or in the case of a zombie decapitates them.
- Enemy on knees (From Behind): Single Tap: Takes out Gun and fires one round into the back of the enemy’s head.
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Ben Winters
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