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 Maria di Scudo

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Maria di Scudo
Maria di Scudo

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PostSubject: Maria di Scudo   Maria di Scudo Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 3:46 pm

Name: Maria di Scudo
Nick name: Mary

Physical Description-
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 82 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond, long flowing
Body: Young, thin and just entering the stages of womanhood.
-A green victorian styled dress with a blue ribbon and dark black stockings with leather shoes.

Maria di Scudo Mary-mary-ib-31833567-600-800_zps5c43abdb

Nationality/hometown: Italian, South Pacific Islands.

Current Employment: Neo-Umbrella Supporter
Rank: Unknown

Relationship Status: none
Medications: unknown
Allergies: unknown
Health Background: relatively unknown

A daughter of a famous Italian Umbrella Researcher who was one of the scientists killed in an accident in Europe just before she was born. She is the current head of the Scudo Family, a wealthy family that dates back all the way from the Roman era. They are famous world wide as a shipping company and for their philanthropy and aid.

However, the dark secret of the Scudo family is that this current head, Maria, or often called Mary, has been aiding the Neo-Umbrella regime. A spiteful, terrible little girl who seems not to care for the wellbeing of others and doesn't mind to push people to death. She was responsible for the death of several miners in Africa, pushing them past the brink of death to keep mining for what she had called the 'Mother Virus'. Once she had finally obtained what she wanted, she abandoned them, left them to suffer while her team extracted the virus and began privately researching it.

She always gets whats she wants, and quite frankly there is nothing on this earth that can stop her.

Weapons: a collection of knives.

Possessions: A Ka-Bar, Butterfly knife, Combat Knife, a set of scalpels.

Personal Items: Pallet Knife
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Maria di Scudo
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