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PostSubject: Archives Files & Dark Room   Archives Files & Dark Room Icon_minitimeSat Aug 24, 2013 11:52 am

A part of the station where the files of past cases are filed away, and attached to this room is a dark room where crime scene photos used to be developed before the age of digital photography.


Merryl was shifting through the filing cabinet for files of any of the recently missing, finding two familiar names of Stockholm A. and Chester B..

Bethany Chester and Alex Stockholm were practically neighbors, according to the addresses they lived. Out of the seventy that have gone missing in the span of almost a year, these two seemed to leap out at her. Other than the fact that they lived on the same street, they were almost complete strangers, however there was a list of complaints made by a neighbor of Stockholm's who accused the young man of partying late through the summer of 2011. There was even an arrest made, but the man was sent back home after his lawyer settled things.

Bethany was a real estate agent, who lived approximately five houses down on the same street as Stockholm. She was a divorced mother of two, and was reported missing by her boyfriend Mark Anderson about two months before Stockholm's disappearance. She didn't socialize much, and was otherwise a shut-in when she wasn't a smiling 'let-me-get-to-know-you' realty agent. She apparently worked via commission, and she sold a house by the park the day before she disappeared. Officer's already questioned the man who moved into the place, but he was struck from the list of suspects after some brief questioning. But just like Alex Stockholm, she simply 'vanished'. No note, no final words, not even a goodbye to her kids in Maine. Nothing. Simply...oblivion.

Merryl sighs, leaning back in the seat and placed a hand to her forehead, rubbing her temple. "This is getting me no where..." She then brought up Stockholm's file and looked at it. "Last spotted near Sizemore Park...." she says softly. That was another connection, but from what it looked like without trying to look for any alibis was that the College Professor who lived in the house he recently purchased from Chester was the culprit...However....he was almost sixty and had the physic of a dying mule as the report stated upon reviewing him. She sighs, leaning over the desk. A Desk Sargent opened the door with a styrofoam cup of coffee in both hands and leaned against the door frame. "How are you making out?" she asked, sipping from it.

Merryl looked to the female officer and lets out a rolling sigh, grinning falsely. "Well, not as great as I'd thought. I wish that we simply had more evidence...You know, at least a description of a shady character, or something like that.'s like all seventy just up and left without letting anyone else know. They...simply moved on." she says lowering her head and truly frowning.

The Sargent nodded. "Yeah, bummer right? A handful of the missing were students up at Ivy U. They supposedly went out to have a keg party out in Sizemore Park, but by morning three of the students who went out that night never attended classes or grab their things or anything." she stated to the FBI agent taking another sip of her coffee.

Merryl looked to the Sarge at the mention of this. "The VanDusen report, right? Shirly VanDusen's disappearance from Ivy University two months ago, right? Her roommate Seanna King said she had no idea where she could have gone.." she then turned to face the empty dark room and folded her arms across her chest. "Hmm..." She then thinks for a moment or two before suddenly standing up, nearly scaring the woman officer behind her and almost causing her to spill coffee everywhere.

"I think I'm going to have a word with her if she's still in the area. I know some of the students are still living out of their dorms up there, perhaps I'll have the luck of the Irish and she'll be there waiting for me, huh?" she says turning to the Sargent with a smile.

She takes the files and slips them into the box before picking it up and carrying it out with her. "I'll review these over the next few days. I'll keep them in safe keeping till more members of my investigation unit can properly branch out here and take this case more seriously." she says as she begins to walk out.

"Just sign for them when you leave!" the Sarge cried.

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Archives Files & Dark Room
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