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 Shiela McDougal

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Sheila McDougal

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PostSubject: Shiela McDougal   Shiela McDougal Icon_minitimeMon Feb 03, 2014 4:11 pm

Name: Sheila McDougal

Physical Description-
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 131 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond short with thick bangs
Current Outfit: Tall Oaks P.D. Uniform

Shiela McDougal Shiela3_zpsed1dce54

Shiela McDougal Sheila2_zpsee86c823

Shiela McDougal Sheila1_zps61a35001

Nationality/hometown: American/Bangor, Maine

Current Employment: Tall Oaks Police Officer
Trained In: hand to hand combat, Handgun Marksmanship, Police Tactical Weapons expertise, driving, scuba diving, deep sea diving.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: none
Allergies: none
Health Background: nothing abnormal.

A woman who has been in service to the Tall Oaks Police Department for five years. A candidate for Bangor SWAT, she is living up her last days on the Tall Oaks force, awaiting her transfer in July. Due to the Department being shorthanded, she has decided to remain in Tall Oaks till mid July before moving into Bangor and already has most of her things sent to her Bangor Apartment. She knows the area of Tall Oaks rather well, and has been working double time with the President's impending arrival. Due to the nature of her job, she is also not into the dating scene much of late. At the station she is well known for her marksmanship and her skill with driving a motorcycle.

It is also to be known that Sheila had enlisted in the United States Navy at 18, in which after bootcamp she became a Navy Diver. After four years of service she decided it was time to leave the Navy and went home. Not even two months after returning, with the help of her ailing father, she managed to become a Police Officer in the City of Tall Oaks, Maine. Though a great distance away from her native Bangor, she was happy to be back home. Her father had died about a year ago to Cancer, but hasn't let it bring her down and she is still pumping her self for Bangor S.W.A.T.

Weapons on hand: Glock 19, U.S. Navy Combat Knife

Weapons trained with: Glock 19, Police Mossberg 500 Custom, MP5A2 Submachine Gun

Possessions: Spare Handgun magazines, folding knife, flashlight, radio, handcuffs, cigarettes.

Personal Items: Father's Bronze Lighter

Melee Specials:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): Spin Kick: Delivers a devastating power charged kick directly into the enemies face.
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): Neck Hold: Grabs the enemy into a neck hold and slowly strangulates the enemy. If enemy is undead she'll snap the neck.
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Stomp: Stomps on the enemy with the heel of her shoes
-Enemy on Knees (from front): Forward Standing kick: Performs a Japanese Standing Kick to the enemies face.
-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Back Kick: Spins body into a powerfully charged back kick directly into the back of the enemies head.

Shiela McDougal Shiela3_zpsed1dce54
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Shiela McDougal
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