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 Armory & Gun Range

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Sheila McDougal

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PostSubject: Armory & Gun Range   Armory & Gun Range Icon_minitimeMon Feb 03, 2014 5:26 pm

The Armory located in the basement levels of the Tall Oaks Police Department. The room is electronically locked, only allowing Police Personnel with valid ID's entry. The Tall Oaks Police Department racks are filled with MP5A2 Submachine Guns, Glock 19 Handguns, Assault Rifles for Special Tactics and Mossberg 500 Custom Shotguns barred behind locked bullet resistant cabinets. There are also two 40 mm MGL Mk.1 Grenade Launchers used for 'riot control'. Ammo lockers nearby contain plenty of 9 x 19mm bullets, 12 Gauge Shot-Shells and Slugs, 5.56 x45mm ammunition as well as several 40 mm smoke, flashbang & tear gas grenades.

Connected to the Armory is the Police Firing Range where the officers come to test fire or generally raise their firearms proficiency. Along the wall are plaques with the names of the top place Marksmen in the past decade or so. For the previous three years the name Sheila McDougal came up.  


Sheila aims her Glock 19 down the firing lane, pulling the trigger twice more before the frame's slide slid back. She went for the magazines hanging from the pouch from the shoulder holster she was wearing. She manages to pull out the mag and slides it inside the gun and sets the slide back into the proper position. She aims down the lane again, the orange tint of her protective glasses hide the dark brown orbs of her eyes, giving the impression that they were black. Sheila didn't have to be on the street for another hour, but she decided to stop by the range and get some shooting practice in. She hadn't yet changed into her patrol outfit yet, and is still wearing her civilian clothes: a plain white tee with a pair blue jeans.

She fires fifteen rounds before the magazine runs empty and a voice comes on the loud speaker: "Sheila McDougal please report to the Staff Room ASAP."

Sheila sets her smoking weapon down, and takes off her protective earmuffs and glasses before running her gloved hands through her short blond hair. She extends her arms back, stretching and letting out a soft moan before stating out loud: "Damn...just when I was going to get the shotgun out too.." she takes the handgun and walks to the Armory. She swipes her I.D. to enter and then pulls the heavy metal door towards her before entering. She quickly disassembles the weapon to be cleaned later, and places it in a box before setting it aside. She exits the Armory to the hallway which separates both the Armory and the Gun Range, the Armory's door automatically locking behind her. She ascends the staircase to the upper levels.

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Armory & Gun Range
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