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 Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower

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Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower Empty
PostSubject: Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower   Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower Icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 2:09 am

On the Eastern Wing of the building, the 'Staff Lounge' or the 'Staff Room' is for the Officers and the Staff of the police station to ''relax'' till they are back on duty again.

This room is also connected to the Police Department's Locker Room, where the Officers get changed out from the Civ Clothes and change into their Uniforms, and vice versa. Nearby The Locker Room, is the Staff Shower Room, where Police Staff can shower themselves off before they leave for the day.

Sheila had gone through the corridors after ascending from the basement level. She had walked passed the front desk and waved to George's back, (George Vidas was the Desk Sergent working behind the desk) before moving over to the eastern end of the station, and opened the doors of the Staff Lounge. She was greeted by another Desk Sergent named Patrick Greene. She raised an eyebrow. "Patrick? Your not working today, what brings you here?" she asked. The tall African-American man laughed and clapped her shoulder. "Isn't it obvious? We're shorthanded today so they called me in. Otherwise, I'd be at home sleeping the day away or spending time with the Missus or my youngest. Now if I remember correctly, your shift doesn't start for at least another half hour..." he places a hand upon his chin and hums. "I'm guessing two possibilities: either they called you in today to work a little early, or judging by the smell of cordite and gun oil, you've been shooting more holes into the 'slender men at the range, huh?" he says with a wide grin. "So...which is it?" He asked again, chuckling to himself.

She exhaled air, blowing up some of her blond bangs. "Well aren't you a detective? Perhaps you should really consider signing up this year instead of chickening out like you did the last five years. I can't keep watching over you Pat, by this time next month, I'll be in Bangor learning to deactivate bombs with a toothpick and some copper wire, while you'll be stuck here patrolling streets that honestly don't need patrolling. Not like Boston or Bangor. Seriously, what am I going to do with you? Sheesh, your going to be the death of me." she sighed, shaking her head.

He chuckled. "Well, I'd hope not. I hate to hear you blown into little pieces just because of my doing. But...I would get quite the rep to be the one who caused 'the Hawk of Tall Oaks' to die... Seriously, don't do that." he replies. She chuckled. "Trust me, I'll try not to." she then walks over to her personal locker and notices the note tacked onto it. She gives it a glance over, closes her eyes and sighs. "Well, it looks like I'm clockin' in early." she says this and heads towards the locker room. "By the way Pat, no peaking." she says teasingly entering the locker room. Inside she hears the man on the other side of the door laugh heartily. She heads over to her locker and unlocks it. Pulling the door open, she looks over her ironed and pristine Police Uniform. Quietly, she takes off her shoulder holster and sets it inside the locker, then pulls her white tee up and over her head. Her breasts bounce slightly from the removal, held firmly by the elastic and white lace of her bra. She takes out a blue sleeveless tee and slips it over her chest, and then takes out the uniform button up shirt.

The locker room was vacant unusually. With all these call ins, she was expecting more of a crowd, which was common. She buttons up her shirt and then unbuttons and then zips down her jeans. Having already removed her boot, she stands in the locker room bottomless with the exception of her matching white panties, but she soon pulls out her uniform's bottoms and slips them up her long slender legs and then zips and buckles them over the lower portion of her Uniform dress shirt. She slips on her sneakers, lacing them and tying them tight before adding her brown leather gun belt and latched it around her waist. She looks into the mirror and smiles, it is a beautiful smile that would have easily faltered the image she had built; around here she was actually feared by some of the new guys and even by some civies in town. She just had that look that said: "Fuck with me and I'll fuck with you and make you regret it."

She chuckled. "Dad, you'd be proud." she chuckles again and closes her locker and locks it up again. She walks past the shower room door and re-enters the Staff Lounge. "Hey" She turned to Patrick, who was grabbing a can of soda from the vending machine. "So President Benford is really coming tomorrow...I still find it strange he'd come all the way out here. I mean, not everyday we get this kind of publicity in this neck of the woods, am I right? And are you not part of the official motorcade?" he says with a smirk, tossing her the can he had just purchased.  

Sheila lets out a disgruntled sigh, absently catching the can. Her eyelids were lowered and she let a steady stream of air escape her nostrils with her emphasized sigh. "Don't remind me. Jesus I really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow; you won't catch me driving that motorcycle in the rain. Nuh-uh, if it rains I'm callin' in sick." she says pulling back the tab-causing a snapping sound as the carbon dioxide hissed out of the can. She brings it to her lips and chugs a little of it down before immediately pulling it away from her mouth, repulsed; her face pinched with disgust. "Warm as fucking piss!--Gross!" she coughed.

Patrick just sat there smiling, his 250 pound, 6'5 frame sitting upon the chair beside the vending machine was almost hilarious. "The machine broke down two days ago. 'Soda's been piss warm since, but heh, I'm sure Meyers will get to it eventually...just like the clock in the Waiting Room." He drank his soda with no complaints.

Sheila shook her head, scoffing. "The time Meyer's fixes anything, let alone that damn clock will be the day pigs fly alongside unicorns."

Patrick opens an eyelid and chuckles. "Well we're cops and we have a helicopter; and my daughter and I watch that My Little Pony show. Theres flying unicorns in there." he adds sipping more of his soda.  

She shook her head. "Always have to be the one with the final word, eh Greene?" she asked, palming her face with her left hand. "Well, as much as I'd love to chit-chat, I'm going to grab my gun from my Equipment Locker and get on the beat." she says looking at her can of pop and hesitates before guzzling the rest down, grimacing as she finished. "Yuck!" she protested tossing the can in Pat's direction; the muscular black man grabs the can and crushes it before tossing it into a recycle bin. "Well have fun, and bring an umbrella it's raining cats and dogs out there." he chuckles, waving to her.

She waved back, still grimacing as she left the room and headed for the Parking Garage. Due to the weather, taking her bike out would be rather stupid-unless she wanted a shower and wet leather seats. She would instead take one of the rain coats and a Squad Car out into town, if one was available. "Boy do I just love my job." she says to herself, half chuckling as she enters the front desk area again, passing George again and headed to the back of the station towards the Cells and where the Parking Garage was.

Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower Shiela3_zpsed1dce54
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Staff Lounge, Locker & Equipment Room and Shower
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