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 Banquet Hall

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Damian Handy
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PostSubject: Banquet Hall   Banquet Hall Icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 9:12 am

A large banquet hall lined with American taste, perfect for the arrival of the United States President.

Banquet Hall 1919882-605604_120410_012

Damian pushes the door slightly ajar and takes a peek between the frames. The large room was decorated rather patriotically with red white and blue streamers and banners with various campaign jargon and the like. If the dining tables were not set up, the room would be exceedingly open, it was almost double the size of a gymnasium.

"So this is where the President and I will be eating..." he says to himself, slowly closing the door. Sated by his curiosity, he heads back to the Parking Lot where Ben no doubt was waiting for him.

Banquet Hall DamianSIG
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Banquet Hall
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