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 Leon Tamer

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Leon Tamer
Leon Tamer

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Leon Tamer LeonTamersig_zps905fa1f7

Name: Leon Tamer
Code Name: DRAKE

Physical Description-
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 159 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black, spiked and slicked back in a roguish fashion.
Body: Athletic build, three scars running down from over his right eye and nose down across his right cheek.
Current Outfit:  

Mercenary Outfit: Baseball Cap, Tactical Grade headset, Olive Drab U.B.C.S. uniform jacket rolled up to the elbows, Olive Drab Cargo pants, black knee pads, military pouches and combat boots, black fingerless gloves, wristwatch, black turtleneck sweater, black kevlar vest, black flack jacket, black leather military pouch vest.

Nationality/hometown: American, Unknown; Catherine's Island is his home.

Former Employment: Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (1998), Virus Search and Containment (V-SAC)/Everon Mercenary (1998-2005).

Current Employment: Head of Security of Catherine's Island and Mercenary Village.
Rank's held: Private FC (U.B.C.S.), Captain (V-SAC), Head of Security (current)
Trained In: pilots license, hand to hand combat, Superior Handgun Marksman, Tactical Weapons expert, explosives expert, Sniping Expert, swimming and viral experience, lockpicking (a tad rusty) and hacking (also rusty), being immune to torture.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: 8 herbal medicinal tablets
Allergies: Cats
Health Background:
-Has several battle scars from several conflicts. Has broken bones, pulled muscles, contracted disease, and has endured torture.


A man who has been through various military conflicts throughout his rather young life. He grew up in Uganda with no recollection of a name or family to raise him. To be honest, he was raised on the battlefield as a child soldier and helped overthrow the government in 1986. Having no name, fellow soldiers called him 'Tamer', for it was said he could tame the wildest of animals with his cool and calm demeanor when confronted by the enemy. He never expressed fear in any of the conflicts he was in, and for this trait he was later adopted by Umbrella Incorporated, and became a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service at the age of 20. He was first tested his mettle in the Raccoon City Outbreak.

As a young Private, the young man found the chaos of the Raccoon Outbreak to be unlike any battle he had witnessed before. It was in Raccoon that he was rekindled with his fear, which was existent all along, just buried deep within. On the brink of death, with the unit he was touring with wiped out, the young man fled from the city. When he finally made it out, he ran into a young woman who kicked his sorry ass to the curb. Beaten, and tired, he surrendered to her. The woman spared his life, and adopted him as her own apprentice.

This woman, who went by the name of DRAKE, took him in, gave him a real name and taught him advanced skills necessary for working in her team. He also underwent advanced torture brought on by DRAKE herself, eventually becoming immune to torture. He became a Captain of her Security Unit, and became an agent of Everon Industries.

As time went on, and after Everon dissolved he went to work privately for DRAKE as the second leading Agent in her private military.

In 2005, after DRAKE narrowly escaped death in New Haven, Maine she retired her codename and handed it to Tamer as a reward for passing her training. Since then, he continues to work alongside Catherine Miller, taking her moniker of DRAKE as the head of her Security on her Private Island.    


-Tamer's Beretta Handgun
Leon Tamer TamersBeretta_zps33b8fa8f

-Desert Eagle
Leon Tamer TamersDesertEagle_zpsed1f5f37

Leon Tamer TamersFAMASTypeC_zpsc60127fb

-DSR-1 Sniper Rifle
Leon Tamer TamersDSR-1_zps4aea8be9


Personal Items: Leon Tamer's Beretta handgun.
Leon Tamer TamersHandgun_zps28a91538

Melee Specials:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face):Haymaker: Performs a powerful haymaker punch to the enemies face, stunning them or otherwise knocking them flat out.
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): Neck Breaker: Takes enemy from behind, and snaps their neck.
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Bullet to the Head: Stomps on Enemy's neck, pinning them down as he takes out his U.B.C.S.'s Handgun and fires a round into the enemy's skull.
-Enemy on Knees (from front): Pendulum Kick: Learning Oriental styles from Catherine, he lifts his leg high and then strikes down upon the enemy's head, cracking their skull or at least, knocking them out.  
-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Rifle Buttstroke/Double handed tornado swing: If he has a rifle equipped will swing his gun's butt into the back of the enemy's head with a powerful swing. If none is equipped, he will bring both his fists together, lean back with his weight, and then swing his double fist into their back while spinning.

Leon Tamer LeonTamersig_zps905fa1f7
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Leon Tamer
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