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 Berke's Gunshop

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Damian Handy
Damian Handy

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PostSubject: Berke's Gunshop   Berke's Gunshop Icon_minitimeMon Jun 23, 2014 4:42 pm

A gunshop owned by Berke, a grizzled old man who knows his trade well.
RE6 Notes:
The Gunshop that will become the 'last stand' for survivors Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper as they progress through to Tall Oaks Cathedral.

Damian pulls the sedan up to the front of the shop, and slowly exits the vehicle and turned to face the building. He had a strange feeling of dread looking at the place; as if that some unseen but malicious force was surrounding the building, no not just this building but this town in general. He sighs, closing his eyes briefly as he raps his forehead lightly with his fist. "I've really got to stop putting extra stress on myself. By the end of this Presidential visit, I think my hair would turn grey." he sighs again, and he then enters the shop.

Now, he became confused. The rooms, wall to wall were stocked with various weapons, but behind some of the glass cases he could definitely make out some very illegal modifications, and weapons which looked to be fully-automatic. He blinks staring at all this nervously, wondering what kind of idiot would sell these weapons without worry of the Police Department finding out?

"Pretty, ain't she?"

Damian looked up and saw the grey haired balding man leaning over the counter with a confident sneer.

"But...I don't know how good a drunk's aim can be. He'll either kick ass, or suck ass I think. But honestly fella, you really look like you can't even afford a bullet, let alone a gun." he says, taking a small swig himself from a nearby flask.

Damian closed his eyes and chuckled. "With prices on ammunition these days, it's a wonder anyone can afford a bullet, let alone a rifle or firearm." he says walking up to the counter and leaned towards the man, pulling out his wallet and showing the man behind the counter that he could buy out one of the displays if he had wanted to. "Government pays for everything my friend. Now, I'll need five 50 round boxes of fifty caliber Action Express ammunition, and three boxes of .500 Smith and Wesson. Also, would like to know where's the best place to grab a drink without being treated 'unfairly'." he asks.

The Old man looks unimpressed as he reaches under the counter and hands over the eight boxes of ammunition. "What? You're going to be taking on a horde of rampaging Elephants out there? Hell son, you don't even look like you can wield a fifty cal without tearing your arms clean off." Berke says to Damian as he then looks up to the younger man and says: "...but Afterhours is your best bet. I don't go to that Modern RED myself, I'm too old to hang around that place. As for the Government, well thanks for placing our hard earned tax money into buying out my entire fifty calibre stock!"

Damian remains silent, shells out the appropriate cash and then takes his spoils and turns away to leave. He gets to the door when he pauses and then sighs. Without turning around Damian then says to the old man: "I don't know what it is... but you might want to prepare for something. This city is on edge with the President's arrival...I'd just be careful, okay compadre?" he finished with leaving the gunshop and entering his vehicle. "Now, I just need to go to the drycleaners and then I'll head on to the bar." he says putting the sedan into 'drive' and drove off into town.

Berke's Gunshop DamianSIG
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Ben Winters
Robert Kendo
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PostSubject: Re: Berke's Gunshop   Berke's Gunshop Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2014 7:23 pm

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Ben pulls up outside the gun store but just as he does his phone's message tone sounds which reads "Come to the bar After Hours, we need to talk." the caller ID is shown as unknown, Ben sighs as he puts his phone away he gets out of his car and heads inside the store to get the items he needs Ben asks the grizzled looking old man for 5 boxes of 9mm handgun ammo, 5 boxes of 5.56×45mm NATO ammo, the old looks at Ben as he hands over the requested items "your the second person to come in today and buy a fairly large amount of ammo" Ben smiled "Is that so, well when you've lived a life like mine lots of ammo becomes one of the most needed things in life" Ben hands over the money and bids farewell to the old man. He gets back in his car and heads to After Hours.
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Berke's Gunshop
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