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 Hale Garrison

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Hale Garrison

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PostSubject: Hale Garrison   Hale Garrison Icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2014 11:47 pm

Name: Hale Garrison
Codename: Osprey

Physical Description-
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 149 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Body: Toned, but slender frame.

-BDU: An olive drab jumpsuit with the arms gathered to the elbows, with black combat boots, shin guards, knee guards, a holster on his right thigh, a black load bearing bullet resistant vest, an olive drab head set, black turtleneck shirt with the sleeves gathered at the elbows, black leather fingerless gloves with the knuckles exposed, and olive drab framed glasses.

-Casual: The same as the BDU, but without the vest and headset, and with the jumpsuit's upper half folded down and wrapped around his waist.

-Winterized BDU: Same as the BDU, but without the load bearing vest and with a fur lined bomber jacket overtop the BDU uniform.

Nationality/hometown: American; Portland, Maine.

Current Employment: A member of Catherine Miller's Private Mercenary Military
Rank: Sergeant
Trained In: Smallarms Marksmanship, Tactical Espionage, Computer expert, hacking, repair, robotics and engineering, and Commercial Piloting.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: none
Allergies: none.
Health Background:
Is healthy.


A former College Student from M.I.T. and a former Underground Hacker who got into "hot water" with a certain 'Mercenary Group' after trying to expose them to the public for committing war-crimes. His butt was spared after running into another Mercenary by the name of Catherine Miller, who took the man into her Mercenary Service for his computer savvy, and technological expertise.

Off hand, he's a man who doesn't want bloodshed, and refuses to carry weapons despite his new job. He otherwise tries to stay on the sidelines, but by Cat's regulation he has to carry a 9mm for protection. In response to this, he also uses a non-lethal but high discharge Tazer Pistol used to non-lethally take down targets. He modified it himself to be able to take down an animal the size of an elephant.

He is also quite adept with languages, knowing German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian as well as Japanese.

He was recently sent to Edonia to locate a highly dangerous man with another one of Catherine's ''outsourced'' ''hired hands'' as ''backup''; and to his dismay, paired with someone who could be just as dangerous...


Weapons: As a member of Catherine Miller's Mercenary group, he has been trained in a multitude of weaponry. Though due to some personal beliefs he carries a different set of weapons than other members:

-Sidearms: A high discharging TAZR Pistol, albeit modified by Hale himself. Though as by regulation, he also carries a 9mm Beretta M92F in his thigh holster.

-Melee: A secondary function of his TAZR pistol is to be used as a close range stungun, he also carries a survival knife.

Possessions: The entire Gundam Series (Manga), the entire ''Freezing'' Manga Collection, 9mm bullets, extra batteries for his TAZR, Meiji Chocolate bars, MRE's, water canteen.  

Personal Items: A custom ROCKY RF9 Rugged Military Grade Laptop he dubs "Daedalus"

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Hale Garrison
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