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 Ben Vester's Dry Cleaning

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PostSubject: Ben Vester's Dry Cleaning    Ben Vester's Dry Cleaning  Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2014 5:13 am

Damian drove up to the Drycleaners and parked on the street. As he got out of the sedan he looked at the building in a bemused manner. "I hope that isn't his real name...." he says pulling out his dirty suit and then closed the door.

Upon entering the establishment he was hit with the heavy overused scent of Breez Air Freshener. He held his nose as he enters, then took it away as a young woman greeted him. After some small talk about the President's impending arrival, he gave her the suit, paid an incredible sum of cash (courtesy of the United Nations), he went on his way out. He was lucky that the place would be open in the morning, but still... some of Ed's words shook him, and he wouldn't admit to Edgar's face, but he was right in the fact that something didn't feel right about this city. It was... like a ripple of nostalgia... and not the good kind.

"Have a good day," Damian finished, closing the door behind him and headed to his parked vehicle. Once he got inside he started to drive around, looking for other ''highlights'' Tall Oaks had to offer.

Ben Vester's Dry Cleaning  DamianSIG
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Ben Vester's Dry Cleaning
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