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 Will's Deli

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PostSubject: Will's Deli    Will's Deli  Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2014 3:21 pm

In the Central Market, there is a medium sized shop which is run by William H. McDonnel. William, known by 'Will' or 'Willy' is one of Catherine's former Comrades at arms, an a genius with assault rifles. His shop is a Deli market, but is also a safe house and a village stockpile of weapons and ammo if the Island is ever under attack. On more peaceful days, his wares consist of either beef or imported mutton.


"To arms! Here, everyone, get the weak and innocent to the Village Shelters! Hurry!" Cried will, whom had started handing out boxes of shells and the Island's Standard Issue Assault Rifle, the FAMAS Type C to what on most days be his everyday customers. He just set up the bi-pod for one of the AR's on his butchers block with the barrel pointed towards the street, and he was currently focused on handing out the weapons to the 'common people'. "Hurry, don't dawdle, we know the drill!" he continued. Of course they knew the drill. All of them had exercises for the event of a hurricane, to the event of a hostile take over. Twin Raven troops had to prepare for anything, and everything from natural disaster exercises to inspections from either the Australian Military or the U.N.. It was a hard business trying to keep out the military and other world affairs out of Catherine's island.

He handed out the .45 Deltas and the Type C's to the men and women either in relaxed BDU's, full BDU, or not in any uniform as they lined up to take their handgun and assault rifle:

Will's Deli  45DeltaS1_zps5728e8c6

Will's Deli  FAMASTypeC_zps872aa6f0
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Will's Deli
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