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 Supply Shed/Wolf Shelter

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Supply Shed/Wolf Shelter Empty
PostSubject: Supply Shed/Wolf Shelter   Supply Shed/Wolf Shelter Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2014 4:15 pm

A shelter made to house the populace of the island. One of two large hand constructed shelters which take the sheltered inhabitants down 5 levels beneath the island's surface. It holds ammunition, food and supplies that will last for at least three months, and is waterproofed in case of flooding. It has a passage way to an unspecified area which lead to hidden escape capsules in event of a flood/landslide over the entrance/exit.

The shelter is nicknamed 'the Wolf Shelter' and it houses those in the vicinity of the Central Market. It's location is hidden under a hatch made of neatly placed floor tiles inside a small supply shed. The tiles conceal a medium sized room leading to an elevator which will only unlock in the event of an emergency and can only be accessed otherwise with Blue Crown Security Cards.


A bunch of the Twin Raven soldiers were carrying out supplies from the shed, while others assisted in getting the non-combatant's into the Wolf Shelter cleverly hidden below. "Single line, remain calm and do not run or panic." came one of the Mercenaries' voices, his face hidden behind a gas mask and his body was head to toe in heavy combat ready high military grade armour. His weapon was a FAMAS Type C, but hanging by his hip via a cord was a MGL40 that was primed and ready for use.

Another similarly dressed soldier came into view to help along the crowd. Though it was hard to tell it was a woman, her muffled voice was soothing and helped the crowd along quicker, in her hands she held a M240 SAW. "All right, ten a time in the elevator. No pushing and no fighting. We have enough on our hands as is." one of them said, as they shuffled the refugees inside the elevator and watched it go down. Ten minutes later it came back up to bring ten more down.
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Supply Shed/Wolf Shelter
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