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 Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units.

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Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units. Empty
PostSubject: Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units.   Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2014 5:17 am

Within the medical research complex. the walls are lined with computers, and large tubes filled with bio preservation fluid, chilled to below freezing. The entire apparatus was monitored constantly by the computer core, and by the cities one resident, Edgar Holden. the entire chambers temperature was indeed cold, but clean, sterile, and fully functioning.

Another psychic clone of Edgar Holden was making his way towards one of the occupied cryo stasis modules. C17. Here, Edgar had kept alive, and healed one of the former FOXHOUND Unit's members. her codename was Sniper Wolf. He didn't know her true name, or even if she remembered it. But he had healed both the shot to her chest, and the near point blank gunshot Solid Snake inflicted upon her head. He had used much of his medical knowhow, and even some of his own powers and blood to heal her, but only time would tell if her mind and memories would remain intact.

Fortunately, her physical injuries were fully repaired now, and she was ready to return to the living world, and the timing could not have been better, considering his time was almost up. With the battle at Catherine's retreat about to commence, Edgar was about to depart from these halls for an unknown length of time.

He activated the console besides Wolf's cryo tube, and input a series of commands, and the pod began to lower itself to the floor beside him, angling backwards, until it was in a laying position. Wolf was face up, now reclined slightly on the bed within the tube, and the chilled bio fluids began to warm up within the cylinder, turning from the slight blue white, to a more orange colour, as did the colour of Wolf's pale skin.

Once the fluid had reached a nominal temperature, and Wolf's skin was normal in coloration, Edgar initiated a heart massage - an electrical impulse directly to the heart, to restart the organs, and it worked superbly. Through the breathing apparatus, Wolf took her first unaided breath in nearly a decade. With that, Edgar had the bio fluids drained from the tube. Taking all of about 30 seconds, the drain was completed, and with a hiss, the air and liquid tight seal around the pod was cracked, and the glass retracted upward, away from the still unconscious Wolf. The bed folded upwards, and reclined further into a chair with arm rests. The various drips and monitoring devices were still plugged into her body. As Edgar performed a final analysis, he confirmed her vitals were all in the green. Wolf no longer had a debilitating addiction to the Diazepam she seemed to eat like a candy. There was no scarring from the two gunshots she had suffered either. The emotional and psychological damage or change was what Edgar was more cautious of though, and he had beside him a motorised wheelchair, along with a full hospital gown for her, until he could get her to some more appropriate clothing. Her reaction to being completely naked in front of him, even if he was a doctor, might very well be... negative. Never mind if she saw anyone else in any of the cryo tubes around her, unfortunately he had little time to move her to another area before waking her up.

With that thought, he leaned over to her, and gently rubbed her left shoulder. "Miss Wolf, please, awaken...." he said, sending a slight psychic signal to her to rouse her sleeping consciousness.

Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units. Edgarh10

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Medical Center - Cryo Containment and life preservation units.
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