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 Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'

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Damian Handy
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Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection' Empty
PostSubject: Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'   Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection' Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Hello again it is I, Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection' 1898639925

If you've read through my What are Chapters? How to tell which Chapter is currently active? topic already, you should remember that I had mentioned it. Hopefully you didn't skim, or else your likely a little confused I'll just briefly restate what this 'Key' is used for:

The key is a list of 'colors' to be used as a 'code'. These 'codes' determine the saturation (or the level of infestation) of enemies in certain forums like Tall Oaks. These colors are based on the Classic Resident Evil Health Bar colors ^_^

GREEN: the area is rather lax, no enemies and is in a 'Fine' Neutral state.
YELLOW: the area is slightly less than 'fine' shape, hostiles are in the area but not enough to swarm your character. your character should be 'Cautioned'
ORANGE: the area is hot, live with enemies. Your character should be 'Highly Cautioned', for the place is infested.
RED: Your character is in 'DANGER' of being attacked at any time, anywhere and anyplace upon entering this area.
PURPLE: Your character is at risk of becoming a zombie if you enter these areas, due to leaks of 'Poisonous' gas connected to the Virus. Gas-masks may help against infection but are NOT A GUARANTEE.

So, now that you understand the key, have fun out there! Wink

-Damian Handy
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Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'
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