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 Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'

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Damian Handy
Damian Handy

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PostSubject: Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'   Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Hello again it is I,

If you've read through my What are Chapters? How to tell which Chapter is currently active? topic already, you should remember that I had mentioned it. Hopefully you didn't skim, or else your likely a little confused I'll just briefly restate what this 'Key' is used for:

The key is a list of 'colors' to be used as a 'code'. These 'codes' determine the saturation (or the level of infestation) of enemies in certain forums like Tall Oaks. These colors are based on the Classic Resident Evil Health Bar colors ^_^

GREEN: the area is rather lax, no enemies and is in a 'Fine' Neutral state.
YELLOW: the area is slightly less than 'fine' shape, hostiles are in the area but not enough to swarm your character. your character should be 'Cautioned'
ORANGE: the area is hot, live with enemies. Your character should be 'Highly Cautioned', for the place is infested.
RED: Your character is in 'DANGER' of being attacked at any time, anywhere and anyplace upon entering this area.
PURPLE: Your character is at risk of becoming a zombie if you enter these areas, due to leaks of 'Poisonous' gas connected to the Virus. Gas-masks may help against infection but are NOT A GUARANTEE.

So, now that you understand the key, have fun out there! Wink

-Damian Handy
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Color Code Key used in 'Chapter Selection'
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