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 Edgar's 1st Class Suite

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PostSubject: Edgar's 1st Class Suite   Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:46 am

As soon as he entered the expansive suite, Edgar placed hid duffle bag by the foot of the large queen sized bed, and proceeded to unpack only the essentials, mostly toiletries.

He only rented this expensive room for 1 reason, he needed the room. Even double beds were ill suited to someone of his stature, plus, this suite had it's own kitchen, which is useful.

Having unpacked, and washed his face from flying so far so fast, Edgar looked at himself in the mirror. He no longer sported the goate beard and moustache he once had, he had clean shaven it off, leaving his long straight black hair tied up as the only similar feature. His eyes were the same dark eyes he always had, but these days he usually kept them hidden behind the large lensed aviators and the shadow of his hat.

Edgar's face was unscarred despite the hundreds, of not thousands of battles he had been a part of, due to the various workings of his body, namely the Genesis strain, and his half immortal Demon blood... Still, the signs of stress where beginning to show. His brow and cheeks had creases and wrinkles these days. Not from age, but from "wear and tear", basically put, he looked Weathered and worn. It was bad enough that his 'mother' and the Horde were his enemies, but in a single brilliant move, she had managed to turn the entire world against him as well, the very people he wished to protect from her... Even his friends had turned their backs on him, and for the second time since he was revived as the Giga, he was truly all alone.

With that thought in his mind, Edgar quickly brushed his teeth and prepared, before leaving quickly to scout out the city.

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PostSubject: Re: Edgar's 1st Class Suite   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:18 pm

As the hours pass from night to day, a gentle rap outside the windows of the apartments quickly become a rapid downpour of rain. Gray light shines through the windows. A watery breeze drifts through the windows of apartments who's windows are open, and an exploding boom of clashing thunder outside rattles the old windows, but nothing more.
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Edgar's 1st Class Suite
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