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 G-Specimen "TRACKER"

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PostSubject: G-Specimen "TRACKER"   G-Specimen "TRACKER" Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 3:18 am

Designated Name: Unknown
Nicknamed: "The Traker"

Physical Description-
Sex: Ambiguous
Weight: incalculable at the moment
Height: About 20 foot-25 foot tall
Species: Unknown, A G-Mutant Variation
Eyes: several redish eyes including a large one in the center of it's head
Hair: None, brown armor plated scales
Body: Large, spiky, muscular, large mouth with sharp poking teeth
Clothes: none

Developed by: Unknown
Alliance: Unknown

Employment: Unknown
Rank: none
Trained In: Tracking, heat seeking, keen eyesight, can see in a 360 degree radius due to all of the eyes on it's body.

Item Drops [optional]: TBA

Health Background and enhancements: TBA

A large, voracious B.O.W. that had attempted to kill/devour both Catherine Miller and Damian Handy in their 2006 mission in Nevada. Supposedly defeated by Catherine Miller by the end of that ordeal, the creature was apparently recovered by the company that created it and was rebuilt over the years since it's first defeat. The creature tracks its prey, seeking them out in a similar fashion that Nemesis did, and will continue to seek out it's designated targets till either it or their prey is dead. To be sure of it's target's death, the creature usually, upon killing/subduing the target, would consume them dead or alive. Eating organic material increases the creature's strength, and it has no qualms by eating bystanders who are in it's path.

Weapons: Sharp claws, sharp pointy teeth, sharp spikes on it's back, and a strong appetite as well as keen eyesight.

Melee Specials:
When enemy is on knee/knees from behind:

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G-Specimen "TRACKER"
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