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 The Main Hall and Alter

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Cindy Handy

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PostSubject: Re: The Main Hall and Alter   Sun May 05, 2013 9:22 pm

Cindy forced her advance further once the figure exits without a word. "Hey! Stop," she stumbles into a pew, grunting. "W-Wait!" she cried out, sprinting to the door. Once she gets to the double doors she pushes her shoulder against their weight and finds that the doors won't budge! She backs up, and shoulders the doors again, but still no change. "What the hell?" she cringes, forcing her weight into it again and again, but again the doors would not give. "Son of a bitch!" she cried, kicking the door with her foot. It takes her a moment, and now she felt awkward in cussing in a Cathedral. She sighs. "Well...I guess I may as well look for another way out then." she pauses, and turns around. There was a latter that lead up into the second floor. She decides to climb it, and when she reaches the upper floor she finds a door up there. She can see that this place had a third floor too, but she had no way of reaching up there. She instead takes the door here on the second level, and decides to follow where it lead.

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The Main Hall and Alter
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