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 The Uobličiti

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PostSubject: The Uobličiti   The Uobličiti Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2012 2:52 pm

BSAA Designated Name: Uobličiti
Nicknamed: 'Blob' 'the Blob', THING (has no name)

Physical Description-
Sex: Ambiguous
Weight: incalculable at the moment
Height: Variable
Species: C-Virus, unknown mutation
Eyes: appears to have none, but can create eyes instantly
Hair: None, can create it though
Body: Gelatinous, plasma like in true state.
Clothes: none

Developed by: Unknown
Alliance: Unknown

Employment: Unknown
Rank: none
Trained In: Multiple transformations, can seep through cracks and grow to larger sizes with the more creatures it devours.

Item Drops [optional]: TBA

Health Background and enhancements: TBA

A C-virus mutation of an unknown human. They are completely immersed with the creatures new form, and are now considered an entirely different life form now. The creature outwardly looks like a black or dark purple translucent blob, which can replicate shapes and take a form of almost any other creature besides humans. Once it transforms, it will loose its purple coloring and take on traits of the animal or creature it's replicating.


Melee Specials:
When enemy is on knee/knees from behind:
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The Uobličiti
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