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 Character Profile Example: B.O.W. Character

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Character Profile Example: B.O.W. Character Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile Example: B.O.W. Character   Character Profile Example: B.O.W. Character Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2012 2:56 pm

When creating a human character use the character layout that is posted below. Post your character as a new topic with their First and Last name.

Name: (whatever)
Nick Name: (whatever)

Physical Description-
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 213 lbs.
Species: Gamma Hunter
Eyes: None
Hair: None, scales
Body: Amphibian like, large mouth
Clothes: none

Developed by: Everon Industries, based on designs made from Umbrella
Alliance: self

Employment: (depending if its a trained B.O.W. it can technically be employed with a rank)
Rank: none
Trained In: hunting, advanced swimming and jumping, swallowing multiple prey.

Item Drops [optional]: (what kind of items you'd drop if defeated)

Health Background and enhancements: was given the Lurker ability to shoot out a long sticky tongue to grasp victims.


Created by Everon Industries based off designs of the Umbrella Gamma Hunter. Was created to be trained against Everon's Private Army. This model escaped before it was destroyed. Now it roams, hunts, and kills whom it wants.

Weapons: claws, tongue, heavy working stomach acid.

Melee Specials:
When enemy is on knee/knees from behind: Struggle. Break. Swallow: after target is on it's knees, the gamma sneaks up from behind, swinging its large jaws over the enemy's struggling body. Lifting them up, they struggle, so much that it forces the gamma to snap their jaws up and down, breaking the enemy's back before swallowing their lifeless body whole, gaining recovery.

Most B.O.W.s have to eat living targets in order to 'heal' their bodies.

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Character Profile Example: B.O.W. Character
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