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 Haven Trooper 66

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Haven Trooper 66
Haven Trooper 66

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PostSubject: Haven Trooper 66   Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:12 pm

Name: Unknown
Call Sign: 66

Physical Description-
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 130 lbs.
Species: Human with Cybernetic and Nano-Machine injection
Eyes: Unique pale brown eyes with steely centers.
Hair: Silver, to neck and back (when helmet is off)
Body: Thin, Athletic, super human, cybernetic ports and a bar code on her forehead. Unnatural Central Heterochromia
Clothes: Standard Haven Trooper Powered suit:

Nationality/hometown: Possibly Asian, unknown.

Employment: PMC Soldier leased to Sasha Petrovic
Rank: Unknown (but seems to be a well commanding force in combat)
Trained In: Superior hand to hand combat, CQC, CQB, handgun expert, Tactical & Covert Weapons Expert, explosives expert, Scout Training, training in the use of the DSR1-Sniper Rifle, use of a garrotte.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: A steady flow of specialized nano machines
Allergies: None
Health Background:

-Battle Autistic Mode: In her bloodstream, like the other Haven Troopers, there is a concentration of nano machines that 'switch off' all emotions once she enters combat, allowing her to essentially 'feel nothing' in combat.

-Incineration: Upon death for those in the Haven Troopers unit, the very nano machines mentioned above begin to jump about in a very high rate, causing the body of the individual to glow with a blue fast acting flame that engulfs the body within seconds and turns it and their equipment into dissolving black ash that crumbles to the touch. This feature makes the Haven Troopers quite useful in the event one of them die in a Black Ops mission. No body or distinguishing equipment left behind; no story.

-Prolonged Nano-machine use: Personally, number 66 has been injected with nano machines to the point where she can harness her power suit's powers when not wearing it; thus jumping ten times higher than any normal human, and able to seemingly 'cling to walls' with van der Waals force.

-'Blue Screen of Death': Occurs when the nano machines used to keep her emotions steady are in short supply. She will instantaneously faint, seize, or go into an advanced form of a mental breakdown-posing a danger to herself or anyone else around her. She will also seem to have symptoms of 'withdrawl' and will have uncontrollable mood swings and outbursts of either Joy, Rage, Sorrow, or EXTREME FEAR. This is caused by her 'unstable' mind receiving an overwhelming rush of emotions all at once.

-Enhanced Hearing: All Haven Troops are able to pick up sonic emissions from sonar or equipment with radar tracking abilities.

-Silver Hair: A genetic side effect from 66's prolonged usage of specialized nano machines.


A young woman who is an elite soldier of the Haven Troopers or FROGS unit of Liquid Ocelot's Private Army; currently leased into the service of Sasha Petrovic aka "The Count". She does not recall her name, nor recall ever having one, similar to a few of the other women in her FROGS Unit. She has no recollection of any other life than being in a militarized service, and has never been without a weapon in her little known life. She is instead called '66' for the number she was designated on her armor. She is android, almost in the literal sense too, for she has cybernetic ports that she can use to plug her mind into that of a computer, a feature very rare among the Haven Troops themselves; most of which are simply given an excessive amount of nano machines and have some emotion when not in the battlefield. 66 apparently cannot handle emotions of any sort, heavily relying on her use of nano machines in order to avoid a complete mental breakdown.

Weapons: 66 Has a custom and supressed P90 SMG. For her sidearm, she uses a weapon that shares the same low impact but armor piercing ammo called a FN Five-seveN handgun. She also has a garrotte, a machete knife, and backup throwing knives for use in Close Quarters Combat. She also knows how to use a DSR1 sniper rifle.

Possessions: A few smoke grenades, a lot of 5.7mm ammo.

Personal Items: A torn teddy bear head, now attached to a key chain.

Coup De Grace:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): Sleep Tight: leaps up onto target, placing their head between her thighs. She then pushes her weight backward into a back hand spring and effectively forces the targets face into the ground. She rolls forward and up onto her feet from landing on her chest after the move is complete. This move is not always lethal, but it sure as hell will always hurt.

-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): use Garrotte: Takes a carbon fiber wire with barbs and wraps it around the enemy's neck; pulling back till they either choke or she breaks their neck. A vicious and hard to escape move due to the barbed carbon fiber wire.

-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Pendulum kick: Drops into a handstand ahead of the target, swinging her legs back in a perfect arch due to her incredible flexibility, and then will force her toes into the back of the enemy. If she is wearing her combat Haven armor, this move will always put someone into a critical position, bleeding out or in worse cases: fatal.

-Enemy on Knees (from front [Assassination Technique]): Slice 'n Dive: Will sprint towards enemy and pull out he machete sequentially. She will then dive forward with her mahette hand ahead of her. She will then grab her enemy with her left hand, and land the the blade in her right hand against their neck. As she rolls forward, her weight plus her slicing motion from the momentum will slice open their neck. She will continue to roll forward, lets go of the eliminated targer and continues to roll forward onto her feet. The Enemy will be on their back with either blood spraying out of their neck or the head completely removed or neither-just the enemy on their back dead or dying.

-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Rolling Thunder: Will roll onto the target from behind, grabbing them from below their arms as she rolls forward. She well then place her weight on their back legs and pull their upper body back as she arches and pulls onto their torso. The move ends in either a sprained back or a broken spine, finishing her mover.

-Harakiri: Withering Flame (last ditch move): As long as there were no damage to her head or she still has limbs to work with; on her dying breath she will grab an enemy in a tight and deadly embrace-then will self incinerate with bright blue flames and kill both herself and her enemy in the process. Move always kills target/incapacitates them. At the cost, she will die (not incapacitate).

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Haven Trooper 66
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