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 The Black Queen

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PostSubject: The Black Queen   The Black Queen Icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2012 12:03 pm

Name:The Black Queen
Nick Name:TBQ

Species:Bio-nanite A.I.

Background:Developed by Umbrella's tech division using a combination of Bio-Tech proteins designed for the latest generation of super computers coupled with nanite technologies and then exposed to the T-virus. Originally intended as a replacement for the red queen in the original hive in Raccoon City Umbrella rapidly realised she was too dangerous and tried to terminator her. TBQ escaped, avoiding the crude attempt to destroy her. Once loose in Raccoon City she predated a number of both humans and bows before finally consuming the original Bella. After the destruction of Raccoon City and having been seriously damaged somehow some part of the Vatican assassins persona remained with the B.O.W.
In RECB2 TBQ re-emerged this time fighting on the side of humanity using her powers for good in the face of overwhelming evil before her sudden and unexplained disappearance at Everon industries.

Special Abilities:Can interface with almost anything electrical simply through physical contact. She is a shape shifter her natural form is a thick black tar like liquid, but she can imitate anything and anyone she comes into contact with. If damaged or if she needs to perform more than one task she can absorb biological matter and convert it into nanites to replicate herself. (Simply put she can and will eat people or B.O.W.s to make more of herself)

Is currently running on back up protocols since her main system files are corrupted

Has escaped an Umbrella high security prison and is currently onder going a full system restore.
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The Black Queen
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