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 The Worm

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The Worm
The Worm

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PostSubject: The Worm    The Worm    Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 6:07 am

Name: El Gusano
Nick Name: The Worm

Physical Description-
Sex: Male, rather strange as he's clearly an annelid.
Height: 10'11 by default
Weight: Variable
Species: Unknown Plagas Mutation
Eyes: None apparent, demonstrated to possess sight however, so he definitely possesses something along these lines.
Hair: None
Body: The Worm is a huge semi-humanoid annelid creature. His weight and mass varies depending on his diet. He's usually on the fat side.
Clothes: None

The Worm    15mljq1

(When he hasn't eaten, he's usually quite a bit fatter then this, and grayish white in color.)

Developed by: Naturally occuring
Alliance: Self

Employment: None
Rank: None
Trained In: None

Item Drops [optional]: Tainted Venom (Weapons coated in it will deal slightly more damage against Plagas.)

Health Background and enhancements: The Worm is believed to be an unknown mutation of the Plaga parasite. He was found in a similar strata to the Plaga, though thankfully only one was located. The Worm is an ancient and highly intelligent organism, though it's mindset seems to be very different from a humans. The creature is capable of commanding weaker plaga, and is rumored to even have an effect on Dominant Strain bearers. It is capable of altering it's physical body in a way similar to the C-Virus. However it lacks the regenerative abilities shown by the virus, and takes several hours to days to recover from more severe wounds. Most worrying of all, it's demonstrated the ability to absorb skills and knowledge from those it consumes. This ability is imperfect normally, but it's been found that retention nears 100% if the victim is infected with a Plaga. On the positive side, this means that The Worm is prone to eliminating the parasite creatures. On the downside, it means it also becomes stronger with each consumed. He's also steadily becoming larger, though his weight varies based on his diet and needs.

History: A large and horrifying being located in a subterranian strata. This creature is clearly related to Las Plagas, and was initially believed to be it's ancestor or progenator. This was soon proven to be incorrect, and in fact The Worm appears to be a relatively recent mutation of the parasite. Unlike it's ancestors it's an independant predator, rather then a parasite, and shows considerable resistance to sunlight. However concentrated bursts, such as searchlights or LED's will temporarily blind, and in higher dosages damage The Worm. The creature was released during an attempt to clean up any Plaga that survived the fall of Los Illuminados, and instead of clearing rocks into what was believed to be an excavation site led to The Worm's release.

Weapons: Acidic Saliva, tentacles, stomach acids, multiple swallowing methods, malliable physical form, Gradual Regeneration, command of Plagas, Absorbed Attributes, Plaga Spawn, Gas (Generally only used in the One-hit kill form of "The Ultimate Nightmare")

Melee Specials:
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): The Worm opens his mouth and crams the opponents face into it. He'll slowly slurp them down, swallowing them whole. They may struggle in his stomach to try and escape. In one hit form he'll simply gulp them down and massage his stomach with a belch.

-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): The Worm will grab the opponent and push them against his underbelly, which opens and wraps them in tentacles. They must struggle to escape before being absorbed into his body. In one-hit form it will simply close and crush them.

-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): The worm will lean down and swallow their feet into his mouth, they must struggle to escape as he slowly sucks them in feet first.

-Enemy on Knees (from front): "The Ultimate Nightmare". The worm will turn around and push his big hips back, trapping the opponent halfway up his rear entrance. They must struggle to avoid being swallowed. In one-hit form, they'll struggle an instant, before he farts and their body goes limp and is sucked in.

-Enemy on Knees (from behind): The Worm will grab the opponent and pull them up. He'll press their face against his mouth and expell a disgusting slime into it. If they are not given an antibiotic within 12 hours, they will be infected with a Plaga.
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The Worm
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