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 Highway, heading out of Tall Oaks

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Highway, heading out of Tall Oaks Empty
PostSubject: Highway, heading out of Tall Oaks   Highway, heading out of Tall Oaks Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 5:06 pm

Arcmond sped from the entrance ramp onto the highway the sirens still blaring from his stolen police vehicle. Arcmond started to weave in and out of the lanes on the highway trying to give the pigs some more time to catch up so life could be more interesting. Sirens could be hear off in the distance but they were still far away from his current position...he had too much of a head start for the game to continue.

Arcmond shut off the polices siren and lights and continued to drive straight down the middle of the highway. Eventually coming to an exit marked "Forest Drive". Arcmond took the exit and soon was traveling the surrounding roads near a forest.
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Highway, heading out of Tall Oaks
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