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 Jessie Taylor

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Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor

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PostSubject: Jessie Taylor   Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:57 pm

Name: Jessie Taylor

Physical Description-
Age: 33
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black, long
Body: a little curvy, average fitness
Clothes: Red leather Jacket, white turtleneck sweater, black lace bra, black thong, black skirt, black stockings, brown leather calve high boots.

Nationality/hometown: American, New York City, NY

Current Employment: B.S.A.A. Researcher
Rank: Field Scientist
Trained In: Linguistics, lock picking, average pistol marksmanship, herbology, botany, chemical mixing, first aid.

Relationship Status: Happily married for the past five years to Khristian.
Medications: 8 herbal medicinal tablets, 2 First Aid Sprays, 2 red herbs, two adrenaline shots
Allergies: Dogs
Health Background:
A scar that runs across her left arm.

A long time ago, Jessie was a student in Mayland City California, who was in the field of Paranormal psychology. She was from a Wiccan family, but had recently converted into another religious view. She is still however, intrigued by the paranormal world. So much so, she still believes in the paranormal today, having survived the Mayland City Outbreak of the T-Virus. After her ordeal in 2000, she went back to school in the field of a more 'real' science, and graduated with a degree in Virology. She landed a career with the B.S.A.A., working as a Field Scientist. She is related to the Four Ace Siblings, Jack, Robert, Raymond and Carrie; through blood in the case of Raymond Taylor, also known as the 'Red Diamond'. Raymond was the most psychotic of the four, also was a crude and cunning individual. He in another time, was going to kill Jessie, his very own daughter. However, the man disappeared without a trace before he could get the chance. Jessie believes him to be dead, but did take the knife he had used to kill so many innocents due to it protecting her when she needed protection the most. Funny now that she dawns a red leather trench coat, similar in style to her fathers.

Weapons: Beretta 93R, Noble's Diamond (Raymond's Four Ace Sibling Knife).

Possessions: 3 boxes of 9mm rounds, 8 herbal medicinal tablets, 2 First Aid Sprays, 2 red herbs, two adrenaline shots

Personal Items: Lockpick

Melee Specials: Will get to that soon
-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): FlameSpray: Uses a homemade flame thrower and sprays it into the enemy's face.

-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): The Red Diamond's Revenge: Takes her father's knife and stabs the blade through the enemy's back, pulls away then finishes by diagonally cutting the enemy from shoulder to hip (logical if you know Noble's Diamond)

-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Heel Crush: Steps onto the enemy with the heels of her boots, grinding them into their body.

-Enemy on Knees (from front): The Red Diamond's Silence: Draws Nobel's Diamond and swings the blade upward into the face of the kneeling enemy. If she's closer to them, their head will be vertically cut into two from the jaw past the forehead.

-Enemy on Knees (from behind): The Red Diamond's Interrogation: She draws Noble Diamond, and thrusts the blade forwards-impaling the enemy in the back of the head, then tosses them aside, retrieving her blade and tossing the lifeless corpse aside.

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Jessie Taylor
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