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PostSubject: Stelios    Stelios     Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 9:02 am

Name: Stelios
Nick Name: Firefly

Physical Description-
Sex: Male
Height: 4'0
Weight: 87 lbs
Species: Failed T-Veronica Imitation
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Blond
Body: Roughly human with childish proportions, but with purple skin, slightly toadish features, and ant-like wings.
Clothes: Puffy pants and curled genie-like shoes.

Developed by: Starlit Rain
Alliance: Alledgedly Starlit Rain, mostly Self.

Employment: Starlit Rain
Rank: Discontinued Project, Inter-regional Stability Regulator (A polite way of saying political assassin.)
Trained In: Stealth, limited flight and pyrokinesis

Item Drops: Failed Pheromone (Contains traces of T-Veronica RNA, but no other use.)

Health Background and enhancements: Stelios is capable of limited flight with his ant-like wings, however due to his weight he cannot stay in the air for long. It's mostly used for quick gliding, high-speed tackles, or to dart out a window during an escape. He can also control flames somewhat, however this ability is deeply flawed, and for each minute he maintains it, or each use, there is an approximitly 8% chance that he will burst into flames himself. This is not lethal, usually, but will leave him completely helpless. Stelios can exercise subtle control over ants, but nothing very useful. Stelios is a bit toadlike in apperance, it's not clear if this relates to his ability to swallow creatures larger then himself, or if it's an unrelated biological quirk. Regardless, Stelios has shown himself capable of swallowing enormous quantities, and once successfully consumed and digested a rhinoceros. Attempts to apply other combat applications to this stretching ability were all failures. Stelios can speak, however his mind and vocabulary are unusual, and he tends to come across as slightly incoherant, if not completely insane.

History: Stelios is a blend of Human and T-Veronica DNA, attempting to create a perfect fusion of the two. Unlike the Sacred Serpants attempt, Stelios was formed wholesale in the process, rather then being infused from a living subject. The experiment did create a viable lifeform, but he was considered an absolute failure, due to his relatively weak and uncontrollable powers, and his unusual personality. The experiments went on, but none of the results showed any improvement. The experiment was finally cancelled completely, and Stelios was put to use as an "Inter-regional Stability Regulator" for the Starlit Rain.

The Starlit Rain are a state-controlled terrorist organization centered in a small European country. They initially bought B.O.W.s from many sources, however their independant streak and relatively small finances eventually led them into attempts to reverse engineer their own. Realizing that a perfect copy of the T-Veronica virus had never been created, as far as they knew, they were determined to be the first to do so, thereby giving them power even greater then that of their former suppliers. However Stelios was as close to a success as they ever came. There are rumors that they created The Ant-God Formic, but this is completely untrue.

Stelios earns his keep eliminating individuals, especially political figures, who are deemed a threat to the Starlit Rain or their controlling government. Usually they are never found, as Stelios eats them on the way out, but sometimes he will leave one charred as a message. Stelios is sometimes used as a weapon agaisnt other B.O.W.s, however he is quite frail physically, and not much suited for this.

Weapons: Aerial Attacks, Swallow Whole, Lesser Pyrokinesis

Melee Specials:

-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): Stelios shoves the opponents head into his mouth and quickly slurps them down.
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): Stelios darts up in the air, grabs their head with his hands over their eyes, and then falls back. He lands on top of them in a tackle and then begins to swallow them.
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Stelios flies into the air and then spins around, dropping into the enemy hard. He'll then start to eat.
-Enemy on Knees (from front): Stelios knees them in the chest, rams their head with his rear end, and then finally drop kicks them. He'll then eat the unconscious foe.
-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Grabs them from behind and rushes into the air, spinning around and dropping the enemy. After they crash into the ground, he'll drop as well to land on top of them.
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