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 Formic - The Ant-God

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PostSubject: Formic - The Ant-God   Formic - The Ant-God Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 9:20 am

Name: Formic
Nick Name: The Ant-God

Physical Description-
Sex: Male
Height: 4'2
Weight: 102 lbs
Species: Perfected T-Veronica Variant
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Blond
Body: Formic resembles a young boy with a lithe girlish build and impossibly beautiful face. He also possesses large ant-like wings. His alternate form is that of a colossal ant with six mandables, two scythes resembling mantis claws growing from his upper back, and 3 sets of wings.
Clothes: Yellow pants and shoes resembling Stelios'

Developed by: Torimi Corp.
Alliance: Self

Rank: None
Trained In: Environmental Destruction

Item Drops: Formic Antibodies (If injected, it will give immunity to Code Purple areas for 48 hours.)

Health Background and enhancements: Formic is the lifeform which Stelios was designed to be. He exhibits similar abilities and traits, but taken to their natural conclusions, and far greater intelligence. However this has also made him uncontrollable, and he intends to turn the entire world into an infected wasteland. Amongst his enormous range of innate abilities, Formic is capable of producing a pheromone that will lull victims into a complient state. He often will collect human girls in this way to serve as his "queens". After 3 days of his control, he will begin to Infest them. As a result of this trait, he tends to be slightly kinder towards girls, but he also thinks they taste best, and so it's far from security.

History: The Ant-God Formic is the ultimate creation of Torimi Corp. a large Japanese electronics company. Wanting to get their hands into every profitable business, they began work on several experimental B.O.W.'s. After stealing documents from the Starlit Rain, leading to the theory that he was their creation, the Torimi Corporation perfected the failed organism, giving birth to Formic, a being who they believed perfect, and that held roughly the same opinion of himself. Formic was intended as their ultimate weapon, a creature that could decimate and infect wide areas at once; they said that if Tyrants are tanks, their creation would be the first nuclear weapon of the B.O.W. world.

It doesn't take much foresight to see how spectacularly wrong this went for them, and Formic devoured the vast majority of the company in no time at all. Though Formic did quite like their idea of his purpose, and he promised them to turn everything into a wasteland filled with nothing but infection as soon as he possibly could. Formic took off into the air after this, and vanished from the small island off the coast of Japan in which he had been designed.

Formic's current location and destination is unknown, and he's appeared in several regions. Sometimes he will infect a small territory as a test, but so far he appears to be keeping it localized, and simply seeing what he can do and how people respond to it. Unlike the earlier experiments, Formic is incredibly intelligent and prefers to prod and poke to learn everything he can about his enemies so as to form a perfect plan of attack. He has no concern on if it takes years for him to even make his first move. Though he does need to eat, and so people are regularly snatched away by the ant-like boy.

Weapons: Aerial Attacks, Swallow Whole, Inhale (Formic opens his mouth and flaps his wings inward rapidly, forming a vortex of air that pulls targets towards his waiting maw), Pyrokinesis, Rapid Digestion (Opponents eaten by Formic will be digested in 2 posts. Civilian npcs will be digested instantly.), Taint (Formic passes gas. For the remainder of the topic, the area within 100 feet of him is considered code Purple. It's believed he can spread this infection via his mouth or pores as well, but he enjoys this method for the humiliation factor), Maliability (Formic can alter his proportions as needed, such as lengthening his arms, expanding his mass, or swallowing larger creatures), Transformation (Formic transforms into his massive ant form.), Ant Control (Formic can control ants, and will often use them as a distraction, or set them ablaze as a flying weapon.), Nightmares (If Formic can successfully form a mental link with a target, he is capable of causing vivid illusions and nightmares in their mind), Pheromone (An invisible mist which lulls the target into a docile state. They will be snapped out of it by any physical force or violence, but otherwise will become complient towards Formic.), Queen Infestation (After a female human has been kept under his pheromone for 3 days, he will be capable of Infesting them. He will swallow the subject whole, and rather then digesting them, he will keep them inside his stomach for 9 hours. During this time they will receive unknown processes in his belly. At the end of the nine hours he will expel them as an ant-like creature like himself. They will usually retain their appearance, save for wings and sometimes unusual black eyes. But sometimes they will become ant-like monstrosities. Regardless, they will become Formic's obedient and loving follower.), Soldier Infestation (After eating a target, Formic may elect not to digest them, and instead keep them inside his stomach for two hours time, at which point he will expel them as a large armored ant-like monster. They are mindless beasts with great combat applications, but no intelligence in the slightest. If seperated from Formic they will die within 2 hours. He can only infest 3 soldiers a day.)

Melee Specials:

-Enemy Standing, stunned (face to face): Formic will grab the opponent and shove them into his mouth, swallowing them whole and politely burping.
-Enemy Standing, stunned (from behind): Formic flies above them and dives down, opening wide and swallowing them in the bomb.
-Enemy Fallen (on back or chest): Formic stands on their chest, looks smug, and farts directly on them. If they cannot throw him off and run like mad they will become a zombie in 15 seconds.
-Enemy on Knees (from front): Formic inflates himself to a huge size, and then stomps or sits on the enemy.
-Enemy on Knees (from behind): Formic grabs the opponent and pulls them backwards. He stuffs their head into his mouth and then uses his legs to shove them the rest of the way in.
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Formic - The Ant-God
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