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 Staff Women's Room

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PostSubject: Staff Women's Room   Staff Women's Room Icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2013 1:36 pm

A rest room for female Medical Staff and Personnel. One of the Stalls can get you access to the vents more easily.
The lack of success thus far agitated the creature. It turns it's attention to the stall of the similar white spotless room below it, however it now can see a woman sitting there. Finally glad to find some suitable prey, it sends the bolted vent cover flying as part of it spills out onto the short brunette's head. The woman's screams go unheard as she thrashes about. Quickly she is sent up the length of the blob till she is fully engulfed by the yellow like beast's bulk. Chewing sounds are made, but that is only an audio illusion as the beast rubs it's flubber together. It was so hungry the woman was transformed into bones within seconds of entering the shaft with the creature. Before the bones melted away, the woman's glasses dripped from the creatures bulk, landing into the toilet water below with a splash!

Still hungry, the creature continues to 'hunt' and explores the vents even further.
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Staff Women's Room
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