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Current Chapter is "Calm Before the Storm"...check "Rules" Category if unsure.
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 What are Chapters? How to tell which Chapter is currently active?

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Damian Handy
Damian Handy

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PostSubject: What are Chapters? How to tell which Chapter is currently active?   Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:21 pm

+Getting Started, What are 'Chapters'?

For Veterans of the old RECB sites, this may cause to scratch your heads a little. This is one of the many new features I will be adding to the site as a device to use while I slowly continue to work on the site in the background.

Just as it states, the 'Current Chapter' is what is currently going on EVERYWHERE in the Roleplaying world of RECB3. Basically, the 'Chapter' defines the plot and settings of the entire world, describing what is happening. Later, I will describe what happens during each chapter, and when they will be in effect.

Players are allowed to post what they like, however-if it conflicts with the current chapter's setting the post will be investigated by the Admin. If it conflicts with the Chapter, said Administrator will copy your post and message it back to you. The said 'Post' will then be deleted. I'm sorry, but if the plot says that there is a time of neutrality in the forums, then someone posts bombs bursting and leaking Virus's or what not it's gonna conflict so it will be subjected to be copied then pasted back to you.

-Don't worry, I'm not holding you back from your creative will-most chapters are 'freeplay' where you can do almost anything you'd like; but there will be times when a chapter will state that some 'cities' are on "lockdown" for a period of time. That means, any character thats not in that city in question are locked out from it; subsequently, those inside the city are stuck there till the "lockdown" is lifted.

+When/how to know a Chapter is 'Active'.
Now, I shall show you how the Chapter is presented to you and when to know a Chapter is active.

-You can always tell what chapter is active from the constantly scrolling headline at the top of the webpage. Example of which would be stating that "Current Chapter is ''Calm before the Storm''...check Rules Category if your unsure of the details."

You'd look for the Chapter Selection topic in the Rules Category, and from there you will be notified of the current Chapter.

+Chapter Display

Chapters are displayed in the following format; describing the title of the Chapter, a description of the scenario, which forums are affected by this, how long is this Chapter in effect, and other information such as which locations are on 'lockdown', what supplies are low for those areas, and a color code for how bad certain areas are saturated with enemies (for human players at least). Don't worry, I include a Key to help you remember this information in a non "SAT" format lol.

In the end, the Chapter will look like this:

Chapter Title: "Calm Before the Storm"
Info: The site is in the 'pre Outbreak Stage', everything is normal, no one is infected, and everywhere everybody is in a seize fire.
Remains in effect till: (Not Available)
Affected Forums: All but the Dueling Thread
Locations in Lockdown: None

Enemy Saturation and Supply Availability:
Tall Oaks: Code Green; average supplies
Edonia: Code Yellow; War torn, some salvageable supplies.
Lanshiang: Code Green; average supplies
Paradise City: Code Green; plentiful supplies.


Normally, a second 'Chapter' will appear below the initial one in effect. This chapter is directly influenced from the chapter before it; meaning that if you got arrested in the 'Calm before the Storm' Chapter for instance, during the 'Outbreak' Stage, your character is stuck in a jail now with the infected or J'avo roaming about. Use both Chapters and descriptions to your advantage when your posting in the main forums, for they can prove to help you with setting up your plot.

+Who decides on the chapters?
-Now, most chapters are initially made by Admins or Moderators. In some cases, we will post a poll or directly ask the site members what you'd like to see more/less of in the upcoming chapters and we will take them into account and use them.

If you have any more questions, don't feel ashamed/shy to contact me, Damian Handy.

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What are Chapters? How to tell which Chapter is currently active?
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