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 The Wolf Bridge

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PostSubject: The Wolf Bridge    The Wolf Bridge  Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2012 3:46 pm

A steel bridge that spans across the river connecting the West and East Districts of Paradise City. It's also the closest landmark to the 'River Bed' Bar, being only a block away from it. A side bridge runs beside it, allowing pedestrian's to cross the width of the river on foot.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wolf Bridge    The Wolf Bridge  Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2012 5:21 pm

Houki's skills weren't limited to talking down opponents and keen senses. Standing on the foot bridge she looks to a steel beam as cars flash their lights and roll by on the road behind her. The beam in front of her sticks up, then bends at an intersection with a horizontal girder. She sees her path now and jumps over the railing of the bridge, grabbing hold of the wet and slippery ladder like structure and begins to climb up. Her fingers curl around the cold rusty steel while her feet use the bottom rungs for support. Behind her, the cars continue to roll across the bridge and oblivious to her mission. She gets towards the top where she slips, her feet slipping off the slimy metal rungs and caused her chest to slam into the beam. Her eyes were wide, but she quickly regains her composure again. She climbs up to the next rung without the support of her feet easily, her breasts juggling under the open flaps of her partly buttoned down polka dot shirt.

She then swings her body left to right before letting go of the rung and curling around the beam with her slender legs. With her back facing nothing now-but a 35 foot drop into the river below, she continues upward. After another leap, crawl and a jump, Houki is pulling herself up on the top of the bridge. Standing up, her cold and strained feet and white battered hands finally are able to rest. It was a little strenuous getting up here without boots and gloves but it wasn't the first time she's done this.

Now at her view, (much higher than the lower level where she had that 35' drop), she could see a good part of the West and East district, even the neon lights to the "River Bed" was clearly visible. Narrowing her eyes, she scans the city in a total of 360 degrees to look for the three. After a minute and a half she was able to spot Biff's bloody mug by chance on the West District side of the river. "Ah...there you are." she says in a somewhat playful tone. He has a bandage covering the right side of his face, and behind him is Earl. The two grubby men seem pensive, cautiously entering a ramshackle factory building. Her cerulean eyes blink, taking note that the factory was connected to a warehouse of sorts.

"'Money is the root of all evil', especially if it's made by Templars." she says to herself, and jogs the length of the bridge towards the direction of the factory. She stops when she hits the edge of her path. She was still quite a few yards away from the factory and due to weather conditions a climbing trip down from this height would be suicide. She pouts, looking over the edge into the River Faucon below. She steps back, looking down at her cloth PJ's and jiggling chest. Capillary action had soaked her pajama bottoms up to mid calf. Her feet and hands were already red and white with cold despite it being summer here too.
"I think I'd rather not risk hypothermia...and by the current's movements I'd be swept away and dead before I could blink." She sighs, looking down at the traffic below. "Right when you need a well placed pile of hay to break the laws of physics..." she says in a sarcastic tone.

She's there another minute, looking at the edge of the bridge, debating whether to jump or not. She blinks, turning her head to her left she follows the curve of the bridge and watches it bend to street level. She cocks an eyebrow. "Worth a shot.." she jumps up onto the curve without hesitation and shes quickly surfing down the length of the wet curved girders at a fast pace. She wished she had shoes, and for a tetanus shot speeding down the length causing water to splash both side of the metal rail and her long black hair flowing. It flapped and waved behind her like a cape if that description makes sense. When she came to the end of the road, she steps forward and leaps-spreading her arms behind her and falling forward like a soaring Eagle. She flips once, before landing on her back into a wet pile of garbage, rolling over a stack of dirty mattresses with an Ooaf!

She winces, rubbing her backside while standing up. "Ugh...that's a little more accurate." she says with a sarcastic chuckle. She turns to her right, staring at the back entrance to the factory. Her eyebrows furrowed, and her face was serious again. She looks to her left hand, bringing it up. A foot long blade slid up, locking briefly from under her sleeve. "It's time to go to work." Another flick and the blade retracts again. She climbs over a wire fence and slips into the rear factory area.

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The Wolf Bridge
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