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 Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga

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Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga Empty
PostSubject: Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga   Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 3:25 am

Name: Giganotosaurus Giga (Giant Lizard God)

Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga 800px-Giganotosaurus(The original form of the Giga)
Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga Steven_seagal_kof_mugen_by_orochidarkkyo-dbzvzip(Edgar's human form)

Species/Creation: Fossilised Giganotosaurus template, human base, conceived with the introduction and fusion of the T-Virus, G-Virus and the T-Veronica virus. The combination of the 3 progenitor based viruses gave rise to a much more stable lifeform. The three separate injections of the viruses where changed when Dr. James Ferral had perfected the S-Virus, Ferral had taken over the oversight of Edgar's treatment, and started injecting Ed with his new S-Virus.(Edit: Recent change) The Giga has recently been given a powerful injection of the Altered S-Virus, what this means for the Giga is currently unknown. Another thing that is unknown, is that Spencer, the CEO and Director of Umbrella had the S-Virus used on Edgar altered to begin work on the Companies current flagship project labed Project Giga Breaker, the altered parts include a genetic modification to the Las Plagas egg, turning the parasite into a Symbyote, the other alteration was the Trigger Virus, a genetic sequencing code designed to activate an unknown part in the other viruses, causing them to recombine into a new strain... (the goal of this project is unknown to anyone but Spencer, but it includes the creation on a next generation strain of the Virus currently known at the Omega Strain... this highly mutated strain of the Virus exists only in the body of the Giga.)

Length:  168 ft

Height: 85 ft

Description and Details: It looks like a massively oversized Tyrannosaurus Rex, but with thick armour like scales on it's head, and more sharklike teeth. This creature is to T-Rexes as T-Rexes are to Raptors. This monster was incredibly rare during the age of the Dinosaurs, but one thing was for certain, they where very aggressive towards other predatory creatures, including the Tyrannosaurus. Considered to be the single largest land based carnivorous creature, it's highly belligerant and utterly relentless.

However, this creature is not just some dinosaur brought back to life by Unbrella, during it's conception, it served as a template for a Bio Weapon unlike any other before it... an unstoppable killing machine capable of engaging entire armies solo, this monster has proven impervious to almost every infanty based weapon... When encountered by this monster, it is wise to consider escaping, rather than attempting to fight the creature, However, stunning the creature with enough firepower is a way to help your escape.

As said before, the creature is utterly relentless, and due to it's sheer size and physical strength, it is able to crash through most obstacles, from regular wooden, brick and plaster houses, to solid steel reinforced concrete walls and buildings. However, when faced with an obstacle it cannot crash through, the Giga usually finds a way into the structure in persuit of it's intended target, showing a remarkable degree of intelligence for a creature so large... Even the Giga's roar is powerful enough to knock down creatures much stronger than a Human with minimal effort when within a few dozen meters.

Eyes: Black / Red Iris and Pupils

Weapons: Unknown, Time may have mutated his monsterous form into something even more powerful than his Dinosaurian form that was witnessed in Raccoon City.

Attacks: Unknown, Training has enhanced his attacks to unknown levels.

Abilities: Unknown, Training has enhanced his abilities to unknown levels.

Interests: The Giganotosaurus Giga has no real intelligent drives or passions, it's unending hunger and unlimited rage are all it needs. As Edgar Holden however, he has since taken to seclusion, living in the deep jungles in a small villa he had constructed, and has been living off of the land ever since the Raccoon incident... Living this long alone though, has given Edgar the time he needs to come to terms with what happened to him, and even to take advantage of it by learning and training himself in the full use of his powers.

Weaknesses: Because of the Giga's extreme size, it's prey have a good chance of escaping it if they make it into a building that he cannot simply crash through. It can also be stunned long enough for it's prey to escape. Another glaring weakness is the fact that it's prey can detect it's approach from a very long distance, both from it's extreme size, and it's footsteps can be heard and felt from miles away. For optimum results, you require a Rocket launcher, and score a well placed headshot, this will gouge out the Giga's eye and create the best opportunity for escape, One other weakness to mention is that, although physically there is no trace of humanity within the creature, it may expereince it's former human memories resurfacing...

After so many years since the Raccoon incident, edgar holden has since mastered his powers, and now maintains full control over his "Beast-Mind".

Other interesting information: Although the Giganotosaurus Giga was originally conceived through the introduction of Umbrellas three Progentor viruses into the fosilised DNA of an original Giganotosaurus, the proccess required a living base for it to succeed. So a living human test subject was subjugated to the experiment by having the virus rewritten and infected DNA injected directly into his body, where the constantly mutating G portion of the virus rewrote his DNA and genetic structure into that of the Dinosaur host genes, effectively changing the base into it's original host. Stability in the mutation was assured by the far more stable T-Veronica portion of the injections, and the standard T virus made sure that any imperfections in the human genes where overwritten effectively.

For over 25 years the slow and painful proccess of transformation from Human to gigantic dinosaurian B.O.W was kept in check by keeping the subject in suspended animation inside a stasis capsule, it fed and protected the developing creature, and kept it docile and asleep. until it finally was awakened during Birkin's rampage that caused the second T-Virus incident. Although the Giga is no longer human, it still retains it's former human memories subconciously, and at times, these memories may resurface, this can lead to odd behavious for a large carnivorous dinosaur, but these memories may even lead the creature to recognize certain individuals from it's time as a human...

The fact that it can still think like a human, and do things just as creatively when it expereinces these memories may provide Humans with an abundant opportunity to escape it, or even try to befriend the creature as a means to escape the city in relative safety. But the risk is extremly high, as the rate of which these memories come and go is not certain, and without them, the Giga may very well revert back to it's animalistic instincts.

Due to the injection of the Altered S-Virus into the Giga by Umbrella CEO Spencer, the giant Dinosaur has currently reverted back to his original human form... but there are some differences... for instance, even though he has all of his human memories, emotions and feeling, they are tempered by the Giganotosaurus's instincts. He also has exeptionally enhanced senses. Vastly increased physical strength, speed, and endurance. And he also has the ability to communicate using a form of telepathy...

However, this is only a transformed phase, and unknown to him, is fully capable of transforming back into his full dinosaur form, and maybe even further...

As a human, he is well over 7 feet tall, weighing approximately 400 pounds and is quite muscular... however, contrary to his size, he is very fast, capable of running at very quick speeds thanks to his superhuman capabilities...

As the Omega Stain continuously mutates, Ed will over time be granted further and further powers... Right now, edgar has mastered a vast multitude of powers that the Omega has granted him, as it makes it's way into becoming the Perfect Omega. Time has been a friend to Edgar, and his seclusion from humanity has granted him the opportunity to master his powers.

After the demonic invasion was thought to have been averted by the general populace as chronicled in RECB2, Edgar continued to fight against a now unseen enemy.... The forces of the Horde where not gone, as others beleived, and simply though that edgar had finally broken his mind... Time will tell if Edgar is truly crazy, or if the demons actually do still exist amindst the growing complacancy of human society.
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Edgar Holden, AKA Giganotosaurus Giga
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